What is “PCOP”? Method to save the heart from the pain of wanting to die

What is PCOP
What is PCOP

 “I want to stop living such a painful life.” “PCOP” developed in the United States is attracting attention as a method of relieving severely painful psychological conditions. Make a notebook for your own psychological crisis. While giving specific examples for each item, we will introduce how to make and write a psychologically effective PCOP notebook.

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What is “PCOP”, a method that makes you want to die

There comes a time in life when you face stress that makes life difficult. At such times, you may find yourself bound by thoughts such as, “Is there any point in living anymore?”

The state of suffering to the point of wanting to die is called a “psychological crisis. ” A method called a psychological crisis response plan is currently attracting attention.

“PCOP” is a self-management tool developed by American clinical psychologist Crayg J.Bryan. By answering five types of questions A to E, it is a fill-in method in which you can calmly reflect on yourself who has a painful feeling that you want to die and find your own hints for living.

In this article, based on the “PCOP” manual, I will explain it so that it is easy to understand and fill in. As long as you have something you can write on, such as a notebook, smartphone, or computer, anyone can do it easily. Write your own thoughts on the 5 types of questions A to E. (In [Example], it’s a little embarrassing, but I’ll introduce what I actually wrote down in my notebook.)

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A: Warning signs… What are your body and mind’s signs when you’re having a hard time?

Write down your own signatures (what is happening to your mind and body at what time) when your mind is very distressed.


  • When: Rainy days, very cold days, nights before bed, mornings
  • Mental Signs: Too many pessimistic thoughts. lose hope for the future
  • Body signs: Headache, fatigue, too tired to do anything, trouble with housework or work

B: How to self-manage… What actions relieve stress?

Write down ways you can help relieve stress when things get tough. Even methods that have been useful in the past are OK. As you come up with ideas, write them down.

Drink orange juice/Massage in a massage chair/Go to the gym/Eat ramen and dumplings at Osho/Visit a shrine or temple/Go to the zoo/Do pastel art/”LIFE” (supermarket) )/play the ukulele/go see the sea/eat kakimochi/go for a walk/write a letter to a friend/go to a 100-yen shop/clean up somewhere/eat Garigari-kun …

C: Reason to live…why can you live?

When it’s really hard, I just think, “Is there any meaning in living?” Write down the reasons why you are still alive, the reasons you have been able to live, and the words you say to yourself so that you do not die even in such a difficult time.


  • Why are you still alive even when it’s hard? : Because I’m afraid to die, because I have a family
  • The reason why I was able to live even though it was hard: A sense of duty
  • Quote to yourself to keep yourself from dying: ‘It’s darkest before the dawn’

D: Supporters… Who do you want to talk to when you’re having a hard time, or who can help you?

A person who can feel at ease and feel relieved. Think of someone who could support you emotionally. It doesn’t matter if it’s a deceased person, someone you’re not directly involved with, or even a non-human.

Friend M/Friend S/Husband/Mother/Son/