Can you leave thermometer in meat while smoking?

smoke meat grill
smoke meat grill

There is a lot of ambiguity that most people want to clear, can you leave thermometer in meat while smoking? Yes, you can leave thermometer in meat while smoking because it has a lot of advantages.

I will explain the advantages below in the article to guide you about what type of thermometers are required to leave in the meat.

Can you leave thermometer in meat while smoking? Yes, a thermometer with a wired temperature probe can be used in the meat while smoking.

The probe of the thermometer is actually left inside the meat while smoking. The temperature of the meat can be easily viewed through the thermometer probe without opening the cooker.

Monitoring the temperature of the desired smoking meat has become very easy in today’s era. Meat thermometers can perform dual purposes. It can be of two types, wireless or even you can connect with a smartphone.

can you leave thermometer in meat while smoking
man turning meat food

Can you leave thermometer in meat while smoking?

Leave-In Meat Thermometers:

Can you leave thermometer in meat while smoking? Leave-in type of meat thermometers is an unofficial term to describe the kind of thermometers which remain inside the oven/smoker throughout the process of cooking.

these thermometers are opposite to instant-read thermometer are to monitor temperature from start to finish.

Instant read thermometers are not meant to be left inside a grill, oven, or smoker.

Leave-in thermometers are actually digital models with wired probes.

The leave-in meat thermometers contain three components. These three parts work altogether and they can include different features.

Components of leave-in thermometers:

  • Digital Receiver
  • Thermometer Transmitter
  • Temperature Probe


Digital Receiver:

Digital Receiver is the device on which the temperature screen is displayed.

The digital receiver can contains many features. Like timer and an alarm set that turned off when optimum temperature has been reached.

Some thermometers have already built-in preset temperatures for different kinds of meats. Each thermometer contains a programmed setting that will help you to reach the desired level of meat doneness while cooking.

A neat and bright feature on some receivers is a colored screen indicator. This makes the cooking process lot much easy and you shouldn’t worry about the temperature of the meat.

One indicator will let you know about the state of meat when the temperature is within 15 degrees F.

You can carry wireless receiver devices around with you because they are so convenient, they also allow for remote monitoring of temperatures. The range of temperatures can fluctuate but nicer models can work up to 300 feet in distance.

Thermometer Transmitter:

A thermometer transmitter is a device that communicates with the digital receiver by using radiofrequency. A built-in antenna in the thermometer transmitter produces radio frequencies.

These two components of the digital thermometers work together.

The radiofrequency system works a lot better than the Bluetooth connections system. A thermometer transmitter can easily interfere and shorts the range of temperature significantly.

A transmitter is a component that connects the probe to the thermometer device.

The transmitter is placed on the outside of the smoker. A wired probe goes from the transmitter to inside the smoker which makes the temperature prediction quite easy.

Both the transmitter and the receiver required a separate battery for proper functioning.

Can you leave thermometer in meat while smoking?

meat smoking
meat smoking

what is Temperature Probe?                                      

The temperature probe is actually a small needle-like device that pokes into the meat while smoking. The temperature probe contains high heat-resistant cables

that allow it to remain inside the smoker or oven for a long time.

The temperature probe inserts deep into the meat.

the top part of it works best. The probe will give a temperature reading for the center of the meat.

Some digital thermometers have multiple varieties of probes. This feature allows the monitoring of a few types of meat at once instead of just one kind of meat.

Some temperature probes have dual purposes like measuring the internal meat temperature and the inside of the smoker.

these probes are “pit probe” or “chamber probe”.

that will measure the temperature inside the smoker. In this way, you can measure an accurate reading of the overall cooking temperature of smoking meat.

Where Do I Put The Thermometer In the meat in Smoker?

There always raises the question that where should I put the thermometer in my smoker. So, if you are installing a new built-in thermometer or just trying to figure out where to put the probe in the smoker.

The best locations to put the thermometer in a smoker is close to the meat, within 5 inches.

A “pit probe” should be at level with the food.

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The problem with the built-in thermometers is that they take readings of only a portion of the inside temperature not of the whole smoker. Sometimes, they are near the top of the pit in the smoker.

A digital thermometer if using with multiple probes works well. You can place the multiple probes at once so that, one will measure the top chamber and one the bottom.

How Far Do You Stick A Meat Thermometer In?

You should stick the temperature in the thickest parts of the meat towards the center or where the cooler parts.

You should try to find out the spot that is going to take the longest time to cook in the smoker.

the center of the meat is the best spot to reach and stuck the temperature, 1/2 inch to 2 inches. If your meat is not perfectly in round shape then find some thicker parts.

Make sure that the probe is not touching any inner bone while cooking in the smoker.

the bones required a longer time to heat up and they will ultimately give a cooler temperature reading. That’s why you should try to stay away from the bone while smoking the heat.

If the meat has thin cuts then you should stick the probe in sideways of the smoker, but for most normal cuts you should stick the temperature from the top.

Each probe contains a specific length of the reading. This specific section of the probe has inbuilt temperature sensors.

How Do You Clean A Smokers Thermometer?

You should maintain the cleanliness of your thermometer for proper and accurate functioning of taking measurements.

A clean probe will definitely sense the temperature so better as compared to an uncleaned one.

Any leftover grub on the probe will block the sensor from the proper functioning of reading the temperatures.

Another important reason to clean the probe is, to avoid the cross-contamination of pathogens. The probe should be placed in raw meat to measure accurate results.

A good tip of how to maintain the cleanliness of your thermometer is, sanitize the probe with alcohol before each use or before placing it in the smoker.

If you are going to stick it inside the meat then, make sure it is disinfected first then place inside the smoker.

You can clean the temperature probe in a sink by hand. Wash the probe with warm water and soap and in last use a towel to wipe off the probe. You shouldn’t dunk or submerged probes in water.

Can You Use A Meat Thermometer To Measure Oven Temperature?

can you leave thermometer in meat while smoking
pork meat grilling

Leave-in probes or thermometers measure temperature for BBQ, smokers, and ovens. Temperature thermometers are mostly heat resistant.

Can you leave thermometer in meat while smoking? Dial thermometers are placed inside ovens and smokers to measure temperature.

Digital thermometers with probes are used for kitchen ovens and smokers at the time of cooking. Most of the digital thermometers have a dual temperature probe, from which you can use one to find out the temperature of the inside of your oven or smoker.

The receiver and transmitter are present on the outside of the thermometer. The wires will work to shut the oven door. Wires will not interfere with the process of cooking because the door’s insulation will seal around them and protect the meat inside the oven.

Bluetooth Meat Thermometers: Pros and Cons:


Bluetooth capability feature is present in digital meat thermometers. The benefit of the installation of a Bluetooth system is that you don’t require a separate WI-FI connection for communication. You should turn on Bluetooth on your phone/device and then look for nearby devices.

When your meat thermometer device appears in the Bluetooth connections list then sync up with the meat thermometer device to your phone. This will work anywhere wherever you are cooking in your home. Bluetooth will work effectively when camping, in a backyard with no WI-FI connection, or in a parking lot where there is no internet feasibility available.

One shortcoming of Bluetooth is the shorter range, your phone can’t stay connected to your meat thermometer device over the long distance. A range of a maximum of 100 feet allows you to remain connected to that distance.

Objects like trees or walls create hinder the connection of devices.

Another drawback of Bluetooth is that anyone can connect to your devices without specific permission.

when your Bluetooth is enabled then any device can search your meat thermometer and connect their devices with your meat thermometer.

This isn’t a very serious issue, but it could be a bigger one especially when you are camping in a busy area. Someone can confuse your device for their purposes and your whole effort can go wasted.

One Meat Thermometer Myth:

A myth of using a meat thermometer is that the act of poking the meat creates a hole in the center of meat where the meat juices will leak out and eventually the whole taste of your dish can be ruined. This act will also lead the meat to dry out faster as compared to a normal routine.

This is totally not true and just busted. Meat juices drain out through the meat while cooking.

A hole is poked in the meat, it does not drain any extra juices from the meat.

The meat juices are present within the whole cut, not just in the center.

So hopefully, if someone tells you about this then you can take it as a myth. So don’t worry about this silly myth for the next time when you use a meat thermometer to smoke the meat.

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