Most Expensive NFT Sold, The Merge By Pak


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The Merge is a successful NFT project, by anonymous artist Pak. This project sold for $91 million and is the highest sale value by a living artist for a single work of art at public sale. Merge (most expensive NFT sold) is a dynamic on-chain NFT with a unique token mechanism called “merging”. The images in this NFT collection are simply circles of different sizes that represent different masses. Every account can only have one NFT in its collection. If you own an NFT and buy another one, the two NFTs will merge into one, their weights will be added, and the circle will grow.

Most expensive NFT Auction

For the most expensive NFT sold, The auction record for a single publicly sold artwork by a living artist is $91.1 million in 2019, set by Jeff Koons’ 1986 sculpture Rabbit.
Buyers could purchase any number of tokens starting at a unit price of $575. The increment rate was by $25 every six hours. At the end, People sold the tokens for a total of 91.8 million USD.
The more mass buyers accumulated, the bigger their mass was. They received the last NFT on Monday, Nifty Gateway said.

Total Amount of most expensive NFT Sold

The most expensive NFT in history is actually a series of NFTs that sold for an eye-watering price of $91.8 million in December of last year. Created by renowned digital artist Pak, whose works have grossed over $350 million. 28,983 people bought The Merge. They signed up for a total of 312,000 shares (each an NFT) for nearly $92 million. That’s pretty impressive considering that each of these units started at $575, but increased by $25 every six hours. The Merge eventually made Pak the most valuable living artist in history, surpassing Jeff Koon’s 1986 painting Rabbit, which sold for $91 million.

Merge (most expensive NFT sold) Meaning

The moral meaning behind the Merge is decidedly optimistic. Teamwork, collaboration, humility, curiosity, honesty. These are values ​​that we don’t intuitively attribute to capital markets. Yet they are the hallmarks of Ethereum that have allowed it to progress toward one of the greatest feats of engineering in the history of financial technology. Understanding this ethical foundation of decentralized democracy should give us a renewed appreciation for the upcoming merger. It guides us in charting a course for the future of the crypto economy. It is one of the reasons why it was the most expensive NFT sold.

Final Thoughts

The Merge, the most expensive NFT sold was digitally famous all around the internet.
“This is an incredible moment for NFT with one of the best digital artists setting this record at Art Basel,”. Duncan Cock Foster said, co-founder of Nifty Gateway in a press release.

“This is further validation for NFT as a medium of art and innovation that can only be integrated through blockchain technology.”
However, this claim is debatable depending. You can consider The Merge ultimately a single piece or a series of artworks.