How to enter the metaverse and is this even possible?


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How to enter the metaverse and is this even possible

While the full potential of the meta version has yet to be discovered, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of ways to jump in and get a taste of what’s to come. For years, companies have been developing variants of their own “metaverse” environments, built on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and global communities. But the real question is how to enter the metaverse?

Figuring out how to access the metaverse isn’t always easy, though. If you want to be one of the first explorers to discover what the “embodied internet” -could mean for the way we live and work in the coming years, you might need a little direction.

However, Today we’re going to look at exactly what you need to access various examples of the “Metaverse Environment” in 2022, focusing on some of the most popular options available.

What is Decentraland?

Several users are 300,000+, Country of origin: Argentina. How to apply? You can simply apply on
Decentraland is one of the most famous environments to enter for Metaverse enthusiasts today. This decentralized virtual world quickly gained the attention of all kinds of users. You can also interact with a huge global community.

The platform runs on the Ethereum blockchain and is completely owned by the community. You don’t need much to start with. As a guest, you can explore by opening the Decentraland website in your browser. Therefore, Before you can start exploring, you must create an avatar, confirm your age, and accept the terms and conditions.

After creating an avatar, you’ll start at Genesis Plaza – a plaza where you’ll be surrounded by other people’s avatars. A floating robot people call Alice will fly in to walk you through the basics of how to direct your gaze, chat, and move around.

You can also earn MANA through play-to-earn games in the Decentraland environment or by completing tasks and offering services to other users.

Is second life first example to enter a metaverse?

The number of users is 64.7 million+, Country of origin: United States of America. How to apply. You can apply simply on

Arguably one of the first examples to enter a metaversion in the digital landscape, Second Life is an online community, playground, and role-playing game built for the online world. Although there is no VR experience with Second Life, there are still a huge number of places to explore and communities to join.

People in Second Life have relationships, families, and homes within the ecosystem, and you can even make a living creating content for the platform.

To get started, you need to connect to Second Life and install the client on your computer. Even if you have access to a premium account, it’s best to start with a basic free account while you get used to the new world. Next, you log into your account and create your avatar. You will be able to customize your appearance and sculpt- your appearance to make your avatar look like you.

In the Welcome Island section of the platform, you will be able to go through various tutorials, get an idea of ​​”how the software works”, and even meet potential mentors. Second Life allows you to explore destinations by clicking the Destination button and Teleporting anywhere you want. There is the option to visit areas suitable for beginners or check out the hottest new destinations.
As you continue to explore Second Life, you will discover the need for “LindeX” – the currency within the platform. You can earn money with various tasks, as well as access to free LindeX from time to time.

Who created sandbox?

Several users are 2 million+, Country of origin is the United States of America. How to log in? You can simply log in at

Sandbox was created by Pixowl Inc as a multiplayer environment where users can create their worlds with unique items. Also, Similar in design to Minecraft, the game allows people to build and create simple environments in a digital world. And helps to enter Metaverse.

In Sandbox, you can create labyrinths, buildings, puzzles, and more, as well as share your virtual world with other people. Also, The project allows people to create all sorts of experiences without any prior knowledge of coding. Based on the Unity engine, Sandbox encourages players to create their mini part of the Metaverse.

Unlike some Metaverse environments, Sandbox can be pretty expensive to start with. You will need to invest some money in the form of ETH and SAND cryptocurrencies. This means you will need your cryptocurrency wallet.

To start building, you buy plots of land, which also double as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Once you have your land, you can start buying NFT objects and implementing them in your space.

Can we enter metaverse through Roblox?

Several users are 43.2 million +, Country of origin is the United States of America. How to log in? You can simply apply on

Roblox is a free gaming environment where everyone can create their community environment with games, puzzles, and unique experiences. However, Players can join an infinite number of different worlds and meet new people in the Roblox environment.

Also, Roblox is popular with kids and adults alike, creating everything from immersive collaborative experiences to obstacle courses in the digital world. From there, you can choose a monthly “Builder’s Club” subscription that determines what you can do with your Roblox account.

Within Roblox, users can buy, sell, and trade items for tokens like “Robux” that they can use to purchase land and various other objects in the Roblox space. You can also use Robux to customize your metaverse avatar. Once you log into your Roblox account, you’ll be presented with a variety of games to play and communities to explore.

What is Microsoft Mesh for Teams effort to enter Metaverse?

Number of users: 250 million + (Global Teams users). The country of origin such that is the United States of America. How to sign up? You can simply sign up at
Microsoft Mesh for Teams is Microsoft’s effort to enter Metaverse and to bring it to existing collaboration environments for companies around the world. With Mesh for Microsoft Teams, you’ll have access to the mixed reality features of Microsoft Mesh. Along with various tools for sharing information and insights in Microsoft Teams.

When you join a Teams meeting after downloading Microsoft Mesh for Teams, you’ll be able to choose whether to join the meeting as yourself or create an avatar version that you can teleport into the environment for people using MR headsets.

Microsoft Mesh users also have access to immersive spaces where people using virtual reality headsets can interact with other users in the real world to create shared virtual spaces. Microsoft Mesh for Teams is still in its early stages. But it’s one of the first clear examples of how Metaverse could be used for a business environment.