Can you slice meat with a mandoline slicer?

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Every person likes a nice thin slice of meat but we all know our trusty deli personal. If you’re in a hurry and you don’t have enough time to wait in line, or if you straight up and forget to slice the meat? When you are just about to start cooking and it comes to your mind that you don’t have sliced meat. At that time, you might wonder how to make slices of meat so quickly. There is a number of cutting utensils available in the market to make your cooking process fast. One of them is a mandoline. So, Can you use a mandoline to slice meat? Or can you slice meat with a mandoline?

Can you slice meat with a mandoline? Mandoline slicers are not so specific for cutting a variety of foods like is a deli food slicer. The unique benefit of a mandoline slicer is the smaller size and cheaper price as compared to a deli slicer which has a higher price and bigger size. They do work much better for slicing vegetables and cheeses but not meats with much quality and efficiency.

You can use a mandoline slice to slice the meat but this is quite possible that you don’t get the same results as the deli slicer gives the result.

If you want to slice the meat with a mandoline slicer or plan to buy a new mandolin slicer for your kitchen, then here are a few tips for you on how to use a mandolin to slice meat.

1. Using a Mandolin for Slicing Meat Basics:

can you use a mandoline to slice meat
can you use a mandoline to slice meat

Can you slice meat with a mandolin? Yes, you can use mandoline to slice the meat but before using a mandoline, you should be very careful. It is very easy to have a cut on your body. The best way to keep yourself safe is, keep your fingers away from the blade.

Keeping your fingers away from the blade will also help you to keep a controlled hand. If you have steady hands then you can keep the blade close to the food ingredients. This will make very thin cuts. If you don’t have a steady hand, then you should keep the blade away from the rest of the food.

When you are working on a mandoline, you should keep the mandoline on the side bench to avoid body cuts. It is also much safer to keep a towel over your mandoline when you are not using it.

2. Advanced Tips for Using a Mandoline with Meat:

meat slice
meat slice

Numerous kinds of cuts can be made on a mandoline, but it is best to have your meat fresh or par-frozen.

Mandolines in homes are usually used to slice hard foods like vegetables where you use more of a push force.

You can make one cut in a small dice style, another cut to a medium dice and one more into a larger dice cuts whichever you like the cut style. For example, Pork belly can be cut into small dice to form bacon and a lot of smaller cuts can be made to make several dishes.

For meat like beef or lamb, you can cut the meat into large dice cuts, medium dice, or small dice cuts. The larger the dice the larger will be the end result in your food. This is useful in making a stew-type food. This is also useful if you want to make your steak into cubes or some other dishes as well.

Can you use a mandoline to slice meat? You can use the mandoline to slice the meat. This is beneficial in making a stir-fry through this you can cut your meat into thin slices. You can then serve the slices as well or you can fry them in a wok for best results.

3. Common Mistakes to Avoid:

can you slice meat with a mandoline
madoline for slicing

Can you slice meat with a mandoline? you can obviously use mandoline but ou should avoid these common mistakes while using a mandoline with meat. One of them is, they use too much pressure of mandoline while slicing the meat. The mandoline is actually designed to make the slices of the meat.

It is not constructed to cut the meat. This means that you should be very careful while turning it on for slicing purposes. You do not have any need to insert too much pressure on the mandoline. Doing so can retard your quality of work and food.

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Another common mistake that most people do is, they put their fingers too close to the blade of the mandoline. It is very easy to do this mistake, especially when you have to make slices of a large piece of meat. You should keep your fingers far away from the blade to save yourselves from any cut.

Another mistake which most people do is, they don’t clean the food properly before you slicing with the mandoline. The mandoline is an effective way to cut your food into smaller slices to make it nice.

However, it is not that strong to slice the ingredients through the layer of fat which is present in your food especially meat. You should ensure the cleanliness of food and make it free from all fats before you start using a mandoline.

4. Buying a Mandoline Slicer: What to consider first…?

can you use a mandoline to slice meat
can you use a mandoline to slice meat

Can you slice meat with a mandoline to rectify and coming up with an effective instrument there are various things to consider and check before buying a mandoline for your kitchen?

Let’s have a look at them:

• The size of the mandoline –

The size of the mandoline matters a lot in slicing the meat and it mainly depends on the size of the meat. If you have to work with a large piece of meat, then obviously you need a large mandolin in order to get good results like cutting down your meat into workable sizes.

The material the mandoline is made from

When you are making a purchase of a mandolin which you have to use for slicing meat. It is important to choose and buy that one which is made up of strong material. Strong material will lead the mandoline towards a long life. You should also select a mandoline that is fairly easy to clean.

The price of the mandoline

price should not be your main consideration when you are buying a good mandoline. However, it is also an important factor that you should keep in mind while making a purchase. This is not important that the best mandoline would be the most expensive one.

The accessories the mandoline comes with

You should also check the accessories that come along with the mandoline. You don’t always need all the accessories that come with mandoline. However, it is nice to have a couple of spare blades with a mandoline.

The safety of the mandoline

When you are buying a mandoline for meat, you should also ensure that is it safe to use because unsafe could be so dangerous.

A mandoline is really a great kitchen tool through which you can slice meat. However, it is also possible that it won’t give you the same quality finished product as a professional slicer used in a deli gives because both have different working mechanisms. You should also make a wise choice while buying and working on a mandoline.

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