10 Best Free Prototyping Tools For Website Design In 2022


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10 Best Free Prototyping Tools For Website Design In 2022

With prototyping tools, you can make your ideas come to life. Prototyping instruments support you and your clients notice how your creation will look and feel when you Web Design or apps. If an image is worth a thousand phrases, then a prototype is worth millions because it saves you hours explaining features and how users will interact with the product.

We’ve rated each one based on our reviews and the experiences of the UI designers we work with, including some of the people who teach our introductory online UX design course. If you want a chance to win a spot on the system, take our two-minute online survey (opens in a new tab). See our list of the best UI design tools overall for more tools. And don’t forget to read our expert guide on what you must think about when designing a user interface (UI).

What is a Prototyping Tool?

Prototyping is the process of making a copy of a product. A prototype is a sample version of a product that can test before the final version is produced or used. A prototype is always made and tested for a good product so that one can try out all of its features and any flaws can find. The best way for web designers in Denver to see if their ideas work is to make a prototype.

Here are the 10 Best Free Prototyping Tools For Website Design In 2022:

1.    Figma:

Figma (opens in new tab) advertise as a collaborative UI design tool, which has made it so popular since it changed what real-time collaboration was possible. This “multiplayer design” feature makes it a UI design tool like working on a Google Doc. The app will still work well even if several team members work on a project simultaneously.

2.    Adobe Experience Design:

Every Denver web designer should try Adobe Experience Design is a powerful prototyping tool. This tool can make wireframes, screen layouts, and interactive prototypes, among other things. 

The best things:

  • Work together in real-time with your team.
  • Build a design system into the tool so everyone on the team can share and reuse assets.
  • Free to change however you want. You can edit images in Adobe Photoshop, sync your favorite fonts, and share your designs in other apps like Zeplin, Jira, and Slack.

3.    InVision:

InVision is another online app that works like UXPin but focuses on design. It has everything you need to do everything from wireframing to making UI designs. It also has a lot of helpful tools for better collaboration and prototyping. InVision has tools similar to UXPin for making objects in your designs interactive. But it is much easier and doesn’t let you use advanced states like UXPin.

4.    Webflow:

We’re a little biased on this one, but we know you want your design process to go more quickly and smoothly, so we’re here to help. Webflow does two things at the same time. While designing and building a high-fidelity prototype, you are also making a live website with all the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that goes with it. You won’t just get a model; you’ll get the real thing.

Webflow makes it easy to make any professional website. It has a drag-and-drop interface, a powerful CMS, and the ability to make advanced animations, transitions, and micro-interactions.

5.    Mockplus:

Mockplus is another all-in-one platform for designing products. It has everything your teams need, from coming up with ideas to putting them into action. It changes how your team builds prototypes, designs products, and works together by linking the whole product design workflow. With Mockplus, you can export designs from Axure, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Figma, and Adobe XD and hand off designs with accurate specs, assets, and code snippets.

6.    Framer:

A framer is one of the most helpful UI prototyping tools that can use in many ways. The only catch is that you must know how to write code to get the most out of it. Most prototyping tools don’t require you to understand how to code, but Framer uses the JavaScript library React. Because of this and the lack of easy-to-use controls, the learning curve can be scary for people who don’t know how to code.

7.    Justinmind:

Justinmind makes creating interactive prototypes from wireframes that can click on easily. Many interactions and gestures can ensure the user has a great time. There are features in Justinmind that make it easy to create both simple and complex interactions. The centralized management system that keeps all the design parts in sync makes it easy for the design team, clients, and business analysts to work together.

8.    UXPin:

UXPin is a powerful prototyping tool that allows multiple people on a design team to work on the same task simultaneously. The platform has an easy-to-use interface and lets you make prototypes that look and function just like the finished project. The way the designs are put together is one of the things that makes UXPin stand out. The methods depend on a lot of code, which makes it easy for the development team to make them work. On the other hand, this means that the designer needs to know how to code well to change the prototypes.

9.    Sketch:

The sketch is one of the best apps you can use to design all kinds of user interfaces right now. It’s like Figma but better and with more people using it. We put it below Figma because it doesn’t work on Windows and Mac. Sketch has a big community, so there are thousands of templates and UI Kits you can use to prototype apps and designs faster. The only bad thing is that you have to use a Mac. That also makes it hard to work on projects together.

10. Axure RP:

Axure RP combines the power of wireframing and prototyping into a single package. That helps companies improve how they design digital products. It lets Denver Web Design company make interactive prototypes of websites and apps with low to high resolution without writing code.

Axure RP gives you everything you need to build the visuals, interactivity, and organization. It also has a complete documentation tool that makes it easy to keep track of notes, tasks, and other critical assets and makes them easy for those who need to see them find.


Prototyping is a must for large projects with many moving parts. You can get feedback, test usability, and change a design with prototypes. Here is an index of helpful prototyping tools to help you improve your web designer Denver design. Take some time to look at each tool’s features one by one to see which one can meet your business needs.