What is the warmest way to put a futon on? The order and correct use of duvets and blankets

What is the warmest way to put a futon on
What is the warmest way to put a futon on

 The order in which you put a duvet and a blanket makes a big difference in the heat retention effect. We asked a bedding specialist about the correct use of blankets and duvets to keep you warm in the cold winter, and the order of the warmest comforter. 

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The order in which you hang the futon is important! Heat retention effect that changes depending on the order of duvet and blanket

The right blanket makes all the difference in warmthMany people may be wondering which blanket and duvet should be on top, and which order to put the comforter on. If you make a mistake in the correct order, the heat retention effect will be drastically reduced. Yumiko Nakano, researcher at the Maruhachi Sleep Environment Lab, taught her how to properly use a blanket. (First published date: January 2015)

The order of the blanket on top of the duvet is the order of the warm comforter

Blankets and duvets are your best friends in the cold winter. However, if you use it incorrectly, you may not be able to sleep very warmly.

Feathers expand when warmed by the body temperature and retain heat. However, if there is a blanket between the body and the duvet, the down will not expand sufficiently and the heat retention will decrease. So if you put a duvet inside and put a blanket over it, you can sleep warmly.

In addition, body heat escapes not only from the top but also from the bottom. Sleeping with a blanket on top of the mattress can prevent this and increase the heat retention effect.

However, you need to pay attention to the material of the blanket. Blankets made of natural animal materials such as wool and cashmere work to absorb and dissipate sweat from the body, so there is not much of a problem. However, the synthetic fiber blankets that many people use are weak in absorbing and dissipating moisture, so moisture tends to accumulate in the bed . Therefore, avoid putting it under your body as it may take away heat from your body and make you feel uncomfortable due to stuffiness.

Warmth is improved by using a towel blanket rather than putting a heavy blanket on top of the duvet

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The more air the feathers contain, the better the heat retention.Towel blankets are useful not only in summer but also in winter. If you have a heavy blanket to hang over, try a towel blanket instead.

If you put a heavy blanket over your duvet, the down will not expand enough to keep you warm. In such a case, stop using the blanket and put a towel blanket over the duvet . The towel blanket prevents the heat accumulated in the duvet from escaping, allowing you to sleep warmly.

It is also effective to put a towel blanket on top of the mattress . The towel blanket is highly absorbent, so it absorbs sweat and moisture. In addition, pile yarn contains a lot of air, so you can expect heat retention.

Turning off the electric blanket when you sleep …… Leaving it on makes you feel tired

In winter, some people cannot let go of electric blankets and electric mattresses . Don’t leave electric blankets or sheets on all night. Warm up your futon about an hour before you go to sleep and turn it off when you go to sleep .

Our body temperature continues to drop while we sleep, reaches a minimum shortly before we wake up, and then rises again when we wake up. Leaving an electric blanket or mattress on keeps the temperature inside the bed warm and interferes with the natural changes in body temperature. As a result, the quality of sleep deteriorates, leaving you feeling tired when you wake up.

In order to maintain the natural temperature changes during sleep and to have a good quality sleep, it is recommended to switch off the electric blanket or electric mattress when going to bed.