Is wood or plastic better for guinea pigs


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is wood or plastic better for guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are good friends and loved ones who usually live between five and seven years. They like to have new bedding attached to their cages, and for many owners, that means shaving with wood. However, some wood or plastic can be harmful to your guinea pigs, so review the label carefully to make sure it is solid wood and good plastic. And the question we are going to have a look at – Is wood or plastic better for guinea pigs?

Can we give wood or plastic building blocks to guinea pigs?

Pet stores carry wooden blocks that your Guinea pigs may like to chew. Non-toxic character blocks designed for human children can also be used and create an attractive background for your guinea pigs cage.

Alternatively, buy solid wood logs at your local store and turn them into blocks for your guinea pigs to chew. You can also cut the branches of your apple or another fruit tree to break them into blocks, as guinea pigs enjoy chopping fragrant wood. Can guinea pigs eat wood?

A word of warning for your guinea pigs

Cedar and pine bring a new scent to the guinea pigs cage, but the same phenols that cause a new odor cause damage to the liver and kidneys when used over time. Your guinea pig’s nose is pressed up to the skin as it chews, exposing it to respiratory infections caused by phenols in fragrant wood.

Can guinea pigs chew toys?

Guinea pigs need regular brushing to keep their teeth down to a reasonable level, and wood is a good remedy. Avoid cedar and pine branches for the same reason you should not use them as sleeping.

However, branches from hardwoods such as oak, alder, and willow are safe to give to your pet. Make sure you don’t treat wood with chemicals such as pesticides, which can be toxic to your guinea pigs.

Is wood or plastic better for guinea pigs?

The big news is that Plastic is not at all prominent with your guineas. However, they may start chewing it. They will soon discover that it is not what they thought it was and will take off.

They will not be able to eat plastic, and they will not want to.
The only time they might want to chew on plastic is when they have nothing else to chew. Plastic is not free to chew so it is a last resort for them.
You can prevent this by keeping a lot of grass that they can chew all the time, not to mention chewing on toys, and perhaps the branches of beautiful fruit trees.
They will choose to chew these more and will leave plastic items alone if provided. However wood is safe for them to chew.

Do guinea pigs have sharp teeth?

is wood or plastic better for guinea pigs

Guinea pigs have sharp teeth. Also, they chew everything, whether they intend to do so or not. The owner should know which things their guinea pigs like to chew. To take preventive measures.

A strong metal cord can withstand pork teeth, so this item is perfect for your guinea pigs cage. But your Guinea pigs can chew most of the other elements like vinyl, plastic, wood sticks, and canvas.

If you use inappropriate materials in the area around your guinea pigs, they can chew their way out.
However, did you get your answer for is wood or plastic better for guinea pigs. We hope you did. Thank you for reading.