What is the Best Replacement Milk for Rabbits


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replacement milk for rabbits

Young rabbits rely on milk for survival, although they eat less than other small animals. If the mother rabbit is not available to feed her chicks, a nutritional replacement will be required. Rabbits get into solid food quickly, but they can’t survive without milk. If you want to know the best replacement milk for rabbits, you’ve come to the right place.
Cow’s milk is high in hormones, lactose, blood, red, and trace elements. Rabbits have sensitive stomachs and cannot vomit. Your pet will not be able to clean its stomach if it eats something poisonous.
In an emergency, you can give your rabbit pure goat’s milk. This will make it easier for baby lagomorph to digest than cow’s milk. But young rabbits should always be fed some milk.

replacement milk for rabbits

Kitten Replacement Milk (KRM) for Bunnies?

Like all mammals, young rabbits rely on their mother’s milk for survival. However, rabbits are different from other animals. A mother rabbit does not always feed her children. Give KRM only once a day, for about five minutes.
At 2 weeks, your rabbit starts eating solid food. She will eat the same food as her mother when she is four weeks old. Despite this, you still need milk for up to six weeks. This provides extra nourishment.

Replacement Milk for Rabbits

Rabbit milk is different from other animals. It contains far more calories than most types of animal milk. This is because young rabbits eat less.
Not all young rabbits have access to their mother’s milk. This can apply to both wild and domestic rabbits. A nest of wild rabbits may find themselves in an orphanage. Young rabbits also wander from the nest and get lost.

Can Baby Rabbits Drink Cow Milk?

Cow’s milk is not suitable for baby rabbits. Cow’s milk may kill rabbits. The mortality rate for baby rabbits is up to 20%. Feeding cow’s milk is an unnecessary risk. Ingredients set out a list of health risks.

Goat Milk Esbilac for Rabbits?

Rabbits find goat milk easy to tolerate. This is not to say that rabbits can be considered safe, however. It should be used as part of a formula.
The main difference between cow’s and goat’s milk is sugar and lactose. Goat’s milk is very simple in both cases. This means that it is less likely to cause a negative reaction.

Goat’s milk contains less protein and fat than cow’s milk, so it is good replacement milk for rabbits. Goats are also treated with a few hormones. This makes goat’s milk a little easier in the rabbit digestive system.
Goat’s milk is good as an emergency measure when breastfeeding young rabbits. Wild rabbits are more likely to cope. If possible, give her a special product made for rabbits.

Homemade Kitten Milk Replacer

Young rabbits should drink a special formula. This is known as the Kitten Milk Replacer. It is possible to feed a baby rabbit with this. While the cat restaurant will store cat milk. This is NOT for rabbits, and should never be given to your pet.
Little rabbits are called kittens, just like baby cats. That’s where the only similarities are. The needs of a little cat are different from those of rabbits.

How to Make a Baby Bunny Milk Replacer?

If you are going to take care of a baby rabbit, you need to use a special Kitten Milk Replacer. If not available, you can do this instead of eating at home. To create your own homemade replacement milk for rabbits, follow this recipe:

Rabbit Milk Replacer Recipe:

  1. Pour one cup of goat’s milk, and add another 56 grams of powdered goat’s milk.
  2. Add a teaspoon of unsweetened cream. This will make the formula richer, and double the calories found in rabbit milk.
  3. Heat the formula until it reaches 98-100 degrees Fahrenheit.

These ingredients will meet the needs of the little rabbit, instead of mother’s milk. However, if in doubt, buy pre-mixed milk.

And through this article, you can easily make replacement milk for rabbits at home.

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