What Is A Rabbits Predator? Beware of These Predators!


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what is a rabbits predator

Besides being beautiful, rabbits give birth quickly due to their short 28-day gestation period. Interestingly, a female rabbit can give birth to four to seven offspring in the litter.
Despite the rabbit’s ability to reproduce quickly, mother nature destroys the rabbit population with the help of predators. Because the rabbit’s main defense is to run and hide as quickly as possible, it puts you at risk of large, strong, fast-hunting predators. What is a Rabbits Predator? The list of rabbits predator are as follow:

List of Rabbits Predator:


what is a rabbits predator

Foxes would like to eat nothing but a delicious rabbit for food. Although foxes do not need rabbits to survive, rabbits are among their main sources of food and can make a significant part of their diet if available.

Wolves as Rabbits Predator

what is a rabbits predator

Wolves are among the biggest threats as predator to rabbits, especially since they eat them for fun. They eat and mainly prefer large and small ungulates. However, they feed on rabbits to supplement their sources of food and feed on rabbits only as their main food in times of food shortage.



Dingoes are like wild dogs that thrive in grassy, ​​wooded, and rocky habitats. They eat rabbits as their first source of food, mainly because they can find them in abundance.

Wolverines, (Rabbits worst predator)

Wolverines are many mammals that look like little bears. These mammals are known for digging in dens for sleeping animals and eating them in winter when there is a famine. Therefore, rabbits can be a great source of wolverine if they have a few dietary options.


Coyotes are less selective in food because they are fishermen and hunters. They are omnivorous. However, a favorite coyote food can be a cute little mammal like a rabbit, mouse, mouse, or vole.


Raccoons are omnivorous and can eat vegetables and animals like rabbits if they can catch them. They are rabbits’ predators for real. However, bunnies do not consume much of the raccoon food because raccoons are slow and prefer slow-moving creatures.


Although carnivorous birds may not be a major problem in urban areas, they can attack and eat rabbits, especially if they are in a free area.
Birds such as eagles, hawks, hawks, owls, and crows are constantly on the lookout for prey and prey on small mammals such as rabbits, squirrels, and mice.



Snakes can eat almost anything that moves, depending on their size. Medium-sized snakes such as cobras, mamba, and viper can eat small rabbits, while large snakes such as anacondas, and boas can eat large rabbits as a whole.

Domestic Animals as Rabbis Predator

Domestic dogs can attack and eat a rabbit at any time, depending on their nature and the way they are raised. Big cats like leopards, bobcats, and cougars are the most common and dangerous predators of any contest, including rabbits. These animals usually do not need rabbits to survive and may kill and eat rabbits after having a lot of animal flesh.


Of course, man is a greater threat than a rabbit. People hunt rabbits in the desert for meat and they have always done so.
Because of the demand for rabbit meat, rabbit farms around the world keep rabbits to meet the demand. People hunt rabbits not only for their meat but also for their coats.

How to Protect Your Rabbits from predator

● Keep Your Rabbits Inside
The best way to keep your rabbits away from predators is to keep them indoors. Fortunately, domesticated rabbits can live comfortably in your home, as long as they have access to food, toys, and enough space to run, jump and play.
Building your rabbits should not be a hassle because you can train with water and protect the rabbits to prevent them from escaping.

● Rabbits Hutch for predator
Since you can’t always be around to protect your rabbits all the time, buying a rabbit cage or cage is not enough. Also, if you plan to keep your rabbits outside, store cages may not be strong enough or fit outside.

● Make Rabbits Yard Predator-Unfriendly
Putting all the other steps in place may not be enough if predators can still roam your yard. Unfortunately, a rabbit can die of shock at seeing an attacker, even if it is safe in the cage.


If you are thinking of keeping rabbits, you will need to take steps to protect your rabbit from predators. You can avoid free access and provide safe havens such as your rabbit cages.
Make sure the rabbit shelter is far away from predators because, unfortunately, rabbits can hatch and die from panic just by encountering a predator!

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