Why do rabbits pee on humans and how to prevent it


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why do rabbits pee on humans

Why do rabbits pee on humans? It is expected that your rabbit will take some time to adjust to the new environment when you first bring him home. However, despite training, you may see unusual urine patterns that are often inappropriate, annoying, and frankly, very disgusting.
Let me tell you my two mini rex rabbits tend to have minor risks, especially when they are young. We also had a problem with spraying. Well, though, it doesn’t happen today. It’s been many years since the last. Here are some of the reasons why your rabbits pee at you.

Is it common for rabbits to urinate on humans?

Although it is popular for rabbits to pee on their owners by mistake every once in a while, rabbits that regularly urinate are not acceptable or normal behavior. You must understand why this is happening so that you can solve the problem properly.

Why do rabbits pee on humans and what are the reasons?

Here are some possible reasons why your rabbit may urinate on you.


why do rabbits pee on humans
why do rabbits pee on humans

Rabbits are naturally sensitive vultures, making them particularly vulnerable. It especially true if rabbits has not meet humans or other animals.
As a result, one of the main reasons why your rabbit pee when fetching them may be due to fear. Yes, your rabbit may be scared of you, perhaps because you still trust him. This can also be due to misbehavior, especially if you are evacuating rabbits from their home.
The rabbit feels scared or anxious, and when rabbits are settled in your arms, they pee automatically because rabbits do not know what will happen.


Similar to fear, your rabbits may be tormented by the negative emotion they may have experienced when taken in the past.
Therefore, when you fetch them, they may feel afraid to repeat the trauma and urinate as a result.
While this should not prevent you from taking them home or keeping them when they get home, it is a good idea to find out the history of your rabbit, no matter how old you are when you get it; why do rabbits pee on humans?

Needs training

The simple reason is that your rabbit’s pee may not be just right. We place a rabbit litter box full of rabbits bedding in the corner of our rabbit’s room and you will only urinate there.
It did not take us much work to train him, but rabbits are very clean animals and prefer to go to the same place. If you give them a comfortable place to go, they will take full advantage of it.

Do rabbits nest in the same place and if yes then why?

Medical Condition

If your rabbit urinates on you, he or she may not feel well.
Improper pee is a common symptom of several health problems, including urinary tract infections, kidney disease, & diabetes. If unwanted urination is accompanied by diarrhea in rabbits then it is important to take your animal to a vet immediately. The problem may be psychological. For example, if you have a rabbit who is depressed or frustrated.

Marking territory

Lastly, having your rabbit pee may be a place or sexual behavior.
This is called spraying, where rabbits voluntarily pee on other rabbits, objects, or humans to mark their own. You can see if your rabbit is spraying with a strong odor of urine that is much sharper than normal urination.
One of our male rabbits in particular was very bad at spraying. Wee is red and somehow managed to get it everywhere, until it sprayed up to the walls. Thankfully, this phase lasted a few weeks while he was growing up.

Why do rabbits pee on humans and how to stop it?

Now that you have an idea why your rabbit might urinate on you, you may be wondering how you can prevent this from happening? Here are a few ways to solve the problem.

Set up a trust

If your rabbits pee because he is scared when you pick him up, you should try to allay his fears and gain his trust. Let them know that you want to be their friend and that you will reward them whenever they approach you willingly.

Train them

If you have a rabbit who is not sure where to go to the toilet, your goal is to train them properly so that they can learn to pee in one place. It shouldn’t take a lot of work – it’s never been my experience – but each rabbits are different. Some of the products we listed in the table above can help.

Why do rabbits pee on humans even when you find them neutered

If the problem is excessive spraying due to sexual practices, sterilization may be the solution. As you can see, there are several answers to the question ‘why do rabbits pee on humans?’. Remember, if you suspect rabbit behavior is due to illness, visit your vet to treat the cause before troubles develop.
You can also learn more about the different breeds of rabbits to see if that has anything to do with your problem!