Will rabbits eat marigolds and what do they like the most in it


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will rabbits eat marigolds

Do you have problems with animals eating your marigold plants? Will rabbits eat marigolds? Your money is with local rabbits.
Rabbits eat a lot of grass and weeds and supplement this with flowers such as marigolds. The hungry rabbits will eat all parts of the marigolds including the flower, leaves, and stem. Some species of marigolds may have a sweet or toxic odor that makes them intolerant to rabbits.

Now you may be wondering what you can do to prevent rabbits from letting eat your beautiful marigolds. But first, it is important to know that rabbits are 100% guilty.
There is no need to put in place measures to prevent rabbits if the other animal is responsible for eating your marigolds.
This article will guide you to rabbits traits in your yard and rabbits protection techniques away from your marigolds. Soon you will have a beautiful piece of marigolds that can grow well in your yard without letting a rabbit eat it.

Will rabbits eat marigold?

As a general opinion rabbits eat marigolds, but they are not a particular favorite. They will eat the leaves, shoots, first and then move on to the petals. Wild Rabbits like to eat petals because they are slightly sweeter than leaves. However, marigolds can be put on some rabbits as they have a strong odor.
Marigolds are rich in water, nutrients, and fiber that help rabbits grow and thrive. One adult rabbit can eat one to two marigold flowers per night. So if your yard is full of rabbits it is possible that your marigold plants will not survive long.

Is it rabbits that are eating your plant?

Rabbits are crepuscular animals. That means rabbits eat a lot in the morning and the evening and rabbits like to eat marigolds. They need a little light to help them see, but also a little darkness to protect themselves from predators. They can therfore, go for your marigolds.

Rabbits like to eat grass, weeds, flowers, and tree bark depending on the season. If you have a rabbit jumping in the garden you see it as a good source of food protected from predators.
Rabbits need a lot of fibrous food to maintain healthy digestion and to keep their teeth healthy by chewing. And there they can go for your marigolds too.

Rabbits damage to flowers can vary greatly. Damaged leaves and stems are clean little pieces. Rabbits will usually eat the whole leaf by cutting it from the base of the trunk and eating it. The rabbit will also eat flower heads in the same way. They sometimes eat marigolds too.
Rabbits do not throw away food and will eat as much as possible before they feel threatened. That means the rabbit will work its way around the whole plant before moving on to another.

Will rabbits eat marigolds and will marigolds grow back?

Marigolds are a very hardy plant and will grow back after rabbits eat them. The leaves are a very popular part of marigolds, but they will simply form many buds and bloom again while the stem is still alive.

An unruly rabbits problem will see them come back again and again until your marigolds are empty. Once the marigolds are fully eaten it is unlikely to grow again at that time. But as the marigolds are a year they will sprout again and grow next year. So your rabbits may eat it.

To help you enjoy your marigolds for as long as possible, it is important to prevent rabbits from coming to your yard and eat it. If you do not they will come back often, moving on to all your available plants and greens.

How to protect marigold from rabbits?

The best way to stop rabbits from letting eat your marigolds is to prevent them from entering your yard early. A physical barrier like a fence will prevent unwanted rabbit visits.

If the fence is not an option for you, you will want to use methods that make your yard uncomfortable for rabbits to sit and eat. This is not very difficult as rabbits are strong animals and will run when the first sign of danger comes. And they likely can go for your marigolds.
Rabbits can be removed from plants that smell good or that have caused them stomach upset.
You can use this to your advantage by planting marigolds varieties that rabbits tend to avoid naturally and will not likely eat it.


Will rabbits eat marigolds? They will happily cut down the leaves, buds, shoots, and flowers if it is a simple food source. Rabbits have a different pattern of damage to their plants. They will eat a lot of plants up to the trunks, but also leave some of the chatter they used to have in your garden.

It is important to make sure you know that rabbits are to blame to eat before setting effective barriers.

Having a variety of barriers in your yard will keep rabbits to eat away from your marigolds for good. That way your marigolds will not only be protected but also your other plants will be safe.