Possums eat cats is that true or can they kill them?


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possums eat cats

No, possums eat cats is not true. They may occasionally attack a cat if they hear that their babies are being threatened, if they are trapped (although they often play dead in these situations) or if they are competing for food. Possums are pacifists by nature so cat owners should not worry about possums that they may harm their pets, there is a high chance that the cat will attack the possum.

May fight although this is rare, but possums hunting for cats as prey is not very likely. So the statement may not be true.

Measure To Keep Your Cat Safe From Possums

possums eat cats
  • Do not leave pet food
  • Take any fallen fruit
  • Protect trash cans
  • Clean up any waste they can use to make a cave.
  • Use to
  • Use deterrent for possum

Statistics about Possums

Possums can be found in many eastern countries, as far north as Canada.
Hailing from Central America, they moved north.
A woman can produce one to three liters a year.
Only one in ten survives to become an adult.
The breeding season occurs between February-June.
There are 8 to 9‘joey’ per liter.
Originally found only east of the Rockies, it can now be found along the Pacific coast.
Few in tropical areas.

Can possums eat cats or make them sick?

Although the possums eat cats may not be true, it may kill them by infecting them. These animals carry and transmit diseases such as toxoplasmosis through their urine, contaminated water, or soil.

Similarly, it can transmit coccidiosis to your cat when it comes in contact with infected possum feces, causing diarrhea.

The possum can also infect your cat with leptospirosis, tuberculosis, regressing fever, spotted fever, Chagas’ disease, or tularemia – a disease that attacks the respiratory tract & causes sores on the cat’s body.

In addition to diseases, the possums breed insects, fleas, ticks, and lice, disease-carrying insects.

Anecdotal Evidence Of Possum Attacks On Cats

It is difficult to find any wildlife and any real evidence that they eat cats. You may find videos showing cats fighting possums, but they will also show cats that give one-two old possums, hitting chopsticks, for daring to steal its food. Most of the time the possums & cats can amazingly coexist peacefully. They may not be close friends, but they are tolerant of each other. That is until a cat, that eats a meal gets angry because its food is stolen. Possums are the only marsupials native to North America. They have many predators and have no protection against them.

Like omnivores, they can do almost anything on the move from insects to mammals, but those are mainly carrion or roadkill. The animal should be very small, very weak, and able to defend itself so that the possum can not attack it like food.

The possum is known to kill the newborns of other small animals, but it is not the behavior of these animals. Despite their appearance, they are cowards. Amazingly, they have survived for so long. They are seen as insects by others, it can be beneficial to have them in your area. Like omnivores, they are scavengers. They will clean up any edible waste in your garden. The possums also cannot withstand the venom of snakes, and amazingly, they attack snakes.

Are they nomadic and stationary or do possums eat cats?

These animals are nomadic and stationary, marking hunting areas with their scent. When the picking-ups are ready they last for a while, and when the food is depleted, they continue to move on. Their eyes and hearing are not very good, but they have a very good sense of smell. Its dry tail enables them to climb and walk among trees. Unlike other wild mammals, they are less susceptible to rabies and Lyme disease. They also eat ticks. One study found that one possum could eat up to forty thousand ticks a week by hunting & grooming. They are considered to be more intelligent than cats.

Cats vs Possums

As mentioned, possums are usually cowardly and calming. Chances are the angry cat will come out on top in the game between the two. When he is scared enough, the possum will play dead, ending the war right away. Since they probably have no other way to protect themselves from threats they use this form of self-defense. It is called tonic immobility or thanatosis. If you are frightened enough an irrational reaction occurs and the possum falls into a catatonic or comatose state. This may take a few minutes or up to six hours. This is where the popular telling ‘playing possum’ comes from.

Cats at Risk

It is doubtful that any cat, whether old or weak, will be at risk of possum. Perhaps newborns that are not able to defend themselves may be the victims of a very hungry or suckling possum, as the possums are opportunistic, but the evidence points to the fact that cats are not on the normal menu.

How to Keep Possums Away

Do not leave pet food outside
Remove any garden waste they can use as a cave
Pick up the fallen fruit.
They are not immune to diseases like rabies due to their low body temperature and active immune system.

Other Pets at Risk

Your distinct pets possibly wouldn’t appear to have any damage from possums, unless they are cockroaches & rodents.


Cat owners should not be overly concerned about Possums. Cats are better able to take care of themselves when they come in contact with the possums. Since there seems to be a tolerance between the two types, any type of conflict is very rare. Possums eating cats become rare.

Summary of can possums eat cats

Although they may not catch and eat your cat, it can attack and injure if it feels threatened or transmit diseases to your cat. Besides, these marsupials can also be a nuisance at home. This is because they grab and eat your garden product, fruits, nuts, grapes, and berries. So it’s true that possums eat cats is not true.

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