Can Parrots Eat Star fruit? Is It Safe For Them?


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can parrots eat star fruit

I was helping at a parrot sanctuary one day. Visitors came to watch the birds as I prepared snack food for the parrots to be placed near the bird sanctuary, and the family asked me, can parrots eat star fruit?

The answer is yes, parrots can eat star fruit. Starfruit is on the list of toxic, safe food for parrots. You should give star fruit in moderation as too much fruit can harm their health because it always provides a wide and varied amount of fruit and vegetables for your parrot.

Is starfruit safe for my parrot?

can parrots eat star fruit

Starfruit is safe for your parrot and is included in the official non-toxic list safe for parrot food. Your parrot can enjoy the flesh and skin of the fruit happily and safely. Fruit seeds, similar to apple seeds, can be bitter and unpleasant to taste.
It is important to provide starfruit in moderation which we will discuss in the following sections.

What do Green parrots Eat?

Are starfruit seeds safe to eat for my parrot?

can parrots eat star fruit

Research on starfruit seeds was not complete. They are often described as bitter and unpleasant to taste, and the advice is to remove them for this reason.
Often described as apple seeds, this will lead us to think that starfruit seeds may not be safe for your parrot. If they are the same combination of apple seeds, they probably contain something called cyanide, which is harmful to parrots.

Always remove starfruit seeds before giving fruit to your parrot.

Is star fruit harmful to other parrots?

The answer is yes; a star can be dangerous to other parrots. This depends on the circumstances that already exist regarding your parrot kidneys. If you know that a pet parrot has kidneys then you should not feed them starfruit.
In humans, starfruit can damage the kidneys and cause damage and injury if you suffer from conditions such as diabetes. It is the same as like the parrot.

What are the benefits of star fruit for my parrots?

The star contains many benefits for your parrot, such as; fiber, protein, vitamin C, vitamin B5, copper, potassium, and magnesium. Let’s take a look at how these things benefit our parrot food.


Fiber aids in their digestion because it stimulates intestinal movement and helps absorb some of the much-needed vitamins and minerals.


Your body and muscles need protein and all other body tissues It also includes parrot feathers. Between 10% -15% protein should be in your daily parrot diet. If your parrot is a chick then you should increase it to 20%, or if your parrot produces eggs or recovers from illness or melting, a 20% increase in protein daily is recommended.

Vitamin C in star fruit for my parrots

Vitamin C is essential for the formation of bones, blood vessels, connective tissue, and muscle. It also helps the absorption of iron that supports the production of red blood cells. Parrots can suffer from vitamin C deficiency which is why a variety of foods are very important since star fruit provides vitamin C for parrots.

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 is an antioxidant that lowers cholesterol levels because without adequate vitamin B5, parrots can suffer from deficiency and can cause weak feather growth and rapid chick death, abnormal growths, and skin lesions.

Copper in star fruit for parrots

Copper is needed to combine hemoglobin, collagen synthesis, and the maintenance of the nervous system. Another thing that parrots can lack is not getting enough levels in their diet.


Potassium helps maintain membrane tissue as too much potassium as it can affect the kidneys, which is why you should give star fruit to parrots in moderation.


Magnesium is found mainly in the bone marrow structure. You can use it for proper liver function because it helps the parrot to get rid of any contaminated products in his diet.

How do I prepare star fruit for my parrots?


First, wash your star fruit well; this will remove any pesticides or waxes from the fruit surface.
You will want to make sure the fruit is ripe as your parrot may reject any unripe fruit. You can check this by looking at the color of the fruit. If the fruit is yellow with just a little green, then it is ripe and good to go.
Then proceed to cut the end of the fruit as it may be hard and unpleasant to eat. Cut as you like but remember to remove the seeds. You can do this with a small knife or toothpick.

Will wild parrots eat the star fruit?

Wild parrots eat the star. Wild parrots usually eat the fruit from the tree while it is sticking. Any fallen star fruit is at high risk of starting to rot, putting the parrot’s life in danger. Predators rarely graze on land due of wild parrots.

Can my parrot eat the skin of a star?

You should choose organic fruit for your parrot and wash it well before giving it to your bird and this prevents your pet from eating any of the pesticides or edible waxes used in the production process. Starfruit is a great way for your parrot since they will enjoy it.

I hope you got your answer to the question, can parrots eat star fruit? through this article.