Can guinea pigs sleep with you and is it safe


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can guinea pigs sleep with you

So, did you bring your pig home? But, where will your guinea pig sleep? If space is limited in your home or you feel a bit busy as the parent of a brand new pet, you may be wondering can guinea pigs sleep with you.

Your guinea pig can sleep with you. But, it’s probably not a good idea. While there may be benefits to sleeping with your pigs, many safety precautions need to be taken to keep the experience safe and happy for you and your pig.
So, what is better for you and your guinea pig? Only you can make that decision.
Keep reading, and I will give you some information that I researched to help make choices easier for you.

Tips of environment to sleep withy your Guinea Pigs

can guinea pigs sleep with you
can guinea pigs sleep with you

Before moving your guinea pigs into your room, you need to make sure the area is in line with the happiness and health of your pig. It is best to make sure the room has the following:

Stable temperature

The best guinea pig temperature is between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Guinea pigs are highly sensitive to temperature changes. If your room temperature changes too much, you are putting the health of your piggie at risk.

If your room is changing, do not move the guinea pigs. They can get sick and fall easily. If your room is damp, try to find your furry friends somewhere else. Moisture increases the chances of mold growing in your pig’s bed and hay.

Adequate cage space

Guinea pigs need open cages to play and exercise – for fun. At least one guinea pig needs 7.5 ft2 in a cage to be comfortable.

Can you easily walk around the room without stumbling over your piggie cage or your belongings? Use a tape measure or place a cage in your room to check the space first. You don’t want to go to the bathroom (midnight) and keep your face first in your pig’s cage.

Can guinea pigs sleep with you in your bed?

The only time it is a good idea for your pig to sleep in your bed is when it is time to relax or hug — and wake up completely. Because he is awake and able to watch so that he will not get hurt.

But, if you plan to sleep on your own, do not let your guinea pig sleep in your bed. A lot of bad things can happen. Some of these include; Falling out of one’s bed is unpleasant, but it usually does not endanger life.

Do Guinea Pigs Count As Pets In Apartments?

However, your Guinea pig may fall out of bed and injure itself badly.
You can roll up your guinea pig in your sleep and crush him. Guinean pigs have fragile bodies. This can be especially true if you are a sleepy person, but it is also possible if you are sleep-deprived.
Piles of poop will greet you in the morning. Oops! Even if your Guinea pig is trained in pot, it is unlikely that you will want to keep getting up all night to move your piggie to its poop pot.
It would be a shame for your little friend to get hurt by something that can be avoided.

However, When it comes to the health and well-being of your piggie friends, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Can my guinea pig snooze in my bedroom?

You shouldn’t share a bed with your piggies. Even if you don’t mind waking up in the middle of a pile of guinea pig poop, it is very dangerous for your little piggie.

Can guinea pigs sleep with you and share your bed?

You need to learn to get in and out of bed with your guinea pig in your room. Then you can consider your options and feel confident when you make the final decision.
Benefits of Sleeping With Guinea Pigs
First, let’s look at the benefits of letting guinea pigs sleep in your room.

Improved Life for You

If your Guinea pig is sleeping in your room, you will have more opportunities to play with it. Make good use of those opportunities. Playing with your pet regularly can lower your blood pressure, reduce loneliness, and lower your cholesterol level.

Improved Health of Your Guinea Pig

You see, Sleeping in the same room with your pig makes it easier to monitor the health of your pig. Guinea pig disease can get worse very quickly, so being able to monitor and care for your piggie friend in your room is easy.

Visual Care Reminders

Many well-intentioned pet parents occasionally have a hard time remembering to do specific tasks for their pigs. However, If your Guinea pig is the first and last thing you see every day, it serves as a visual notice to feed, play, or fix your piggie.

The dangers of sleeping with your Guinea pig

You were asking can guinea pigs sleep with you and is it safe let me tell you there are many barriers to sleeping with a pig. Like: Allergies to pigs, Smelly, dirty bedroom, Transmission of diseases, Noisy pigs (keeps you awake), Attraction to other rats or insects.
Fortunately, however, many potential problems can be solved in several ways.

Let’s take a look below:

If you do not get along with your pigs, you can:
Contact your doctor and see if any allergies are possible
Also, Change bedding regularly
Put on clean bedding every day
Clean the enclosure and change bedding at least once a week
To Avoid a Smelly, Dirty Bedroom, Be sure to:
However, Make sure the area around your guinea is large enough. Small spaces are difficult to keep clean.
Clean the feces and urinate bedding daily.
Thoroughly clean the compartment and change bedding at least once a week.
Train your pig to use a litter box.
Invest in a vacuum cleaner
Use fragrant bedding such as wool or aspen.

Conclusion (Can guinea pigs sleep with you? )

Whatever you decide to do, this article gives you guidance on how to make the best decision for you and your pig.

As you asked can guinea pigs sleep with you? Then you know better than sleeping with your pigs in your room requires a lot of thought and planning.

While there are solutions to many problems, you need to consider whether you can afford the time (health, or financial investment) needed to successfully accommodate your piggies in your room.