How often do guinea pigs pee and how to prevent it


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how often do guinea pigs pee

Guinea pigs are known for having unusual wetting habits that you often see when you look at their cages. One of those behaviors is how much urine, so the question here is how often do Guinea pigs pee? Guinean pigs pee a lot and can sometimes pee four times an hour which may combine as the day progresses.

Happily, though, if you have a pig that often goes to the bathroom. There is something simple you can find here to do that can help when it is time to clean its pee.

How often do guinea pigs pee?

So when it comes to pigs it is true that they urinate a lot and will do it all day. Most of the time they cannot and will not be able to hold, their urine when they start to feel it. So what do you think about how often can guinea pigs pee?
We can say that this is something that may seem strange to us owners. But to them, they usually just walk away as soon as they find the urge to urinate. Other guinea pigs may also urinate in various places near their cage for the same reason.

Can they control their pee?

So it is not like they can always control their bladder. Sometimes wherever they are in their cage they will urinate when the urge to pee strikes them. That being said, this does not always happen to all guinea pigs. Because most of them will choose their favorite places to go near their cage. How often can guinea pigs pee then?
So even though the spots on which they urinate may seem strange to us. The guinea pigs will usually urinate in the same areas that they have decided to choose. That’s why you can see that your Guinea pig has a few unusual places where it will fit in the bathroom.

So if you are thinking of getting guinea pigs then be prepared to clean their cage often for all the pees.

Is It Normal for Guinea’s Pigs to urinate frequently?

If you have a Guinea pig going to the bathroom several times a day. It is natural to want to know if it is common for guinea pigs to pee often. It is common for pigs to urinate too much. And this can happen when they drink regular water and when they drink more water than they normally drink.

What are the factors affecting?

Many factors can affect how well guinea pigs will pee often but the main thing is what it eats and how often it runs. For example, if your guinea pigs are fed a diet with a good amount of fruits and vegetables with high water content then they will usually go to the bathroom a lot.
It is therefore common for Guinea pigs to urinate a lot but one of the things you should look for is whether the pie is healthy or not.
How can we know about healthy and unhealthy pee?
This is important to know as the owner of guinea pigs because there is so much to talk about what happens to them from the point of view of their urine.

A healthy guinea pig urine can be:

It is clear and cloudy in color.
Brown or orange when they are young.
Not at all gritty in captivity.

While guinea pig unhealthy urine can:

Be gritty when you touch.
Have blood in the middle.
The smell is much stronger than usual.

How often do guinea pig pee and should we worry about it?

So if your Guinea pigs pee often and look healthy it is okay. And is very common for him to do so. But if your pig’s urine seems unhealthy then the best thing you can do is take it to your local vet.
A vet may be able to give you a professional opinion on what they think is wrong. In most cases should be able to help you.

How often do Guinea Pigs pee?

Guinea pigs can urinate a lot so if you have them, it means it is natural to wonder how many times a day they will do it. Normally, guinea pigs can urinate every 15 minutes. So, if you do the calculations it would mean that guinea pigs can urinate 4 times an hour and up to 96 times a day.
Remember, though, that all guinea pigs are different. The amount of urine per day usually depends on a variety of factors such as their diet and lifestyle. So some guinea pigs can urinate more times a day than others while some of them do not do much.
Both are normal, so it is not the case that every pig will urinate 96 times a day every day. But it is the worst dose given that they usually urinate every 15 minutes and there are 24 hours a day.

What Can You Do With A Guinea Pig That Frequently Urinates?

So Guinea pigs can urinate a decent amount all day. That can sometimes be a lot of work to deal with. But is there anything you can do to help them when they start to urinate a lot?
However, most of the time you can’t completely prevent them from urinating too much because that’s what they usually do. However, you can make it easier for you when it is time to clean their pee.
One of the many things guinea pig owners use is the different types of puppy pads in their cage and they work very well. And well the answer to how often do guinea pigs pee is very often.