Why do guinea pigs flip their house, it it normal for them?


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why do guinea pigs flip their house

Have you ever looked at your guinea pig cage and thought why do guinea pigs flip their house?
They may have a hut, an igloo, or a hiding place where they can always tap where they like.
Most of the time a guinea pig may look proud of what it has done. So, why do they flip over their house?

What are the reasons that they flip their houses?

why do guinea pigs flip their house
why do guinea pigs flip their house

The main reasons why the guineas flip their house are:
Because they like to rearrange things in their cage.
They will change things when they go crazy.
If they are trying to find the best angle so they can chew it.
So it is true that they can do it for many different reasons. But fortunately, there are easy ways to get them to stop if you no longer want them to do it.

Why do Guinea pigs flip their house?

If you have a guinea pig that flips over their house then sometimes it can be confusing behavior to see it happen.
This is because like their many behaviors they can have many meanings when they do so.
The first reason why they are going to knock on their home is that some pigs like to rearrange things in their cage.
So this can happen if they do not like the location of something so they will push it and turn it the way they want.

It’s fun and almost like a game to them and it’s like the interior decoration of Guinea pigs.

The second reason why they will react when something around them starts to irritate them a little.
For example, if a guinea pig in a cage is abusive, even playful, they may begin to imitate and begin to change things.

Is your guinea pig crazy?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell when your guinea pig is crazy. But this can be one of the small signs that it is.

Another reason why the Guinea pig will blow up its house is if it thinks their cage or house is too small for them.

If they do not have enough space to run and release all their pent-up power, you will see this coming then.

It’s like scrolling over their little igloo or hut, because when they do this, to them it may seem like they’re building more space for themselves.
Guinea pigs will also crawl on their roofs to find the best chewing angle.

They will try to chew whatever they can find, so it is not surprising that they will try to chew on their house after they have tipped it.

Is it normal for a Guinea to flip their home?

It’s natural to want to know if their house flipping behavior is normal if you’ve ever seen your pig do it.

It’s one of those weird things you’ll see them do, but is it normal for them to do it?
It is not uncommon for a guinea pig to try to knock on its house when it feels that way.
Most of the time when it comes to guinea pigs it would be unusual if they did not.

Most pigs like to rearrange their belongings the way they like, and generally, that is a good thing.

The reason why it can be a good thing is that it does mean that they are still caring enough. And they still have enough energy to do these kinds of jobs.

The guinea pigs will try to move a lot of things in their cage. So, you will see them hitting their food bowl, their toys, and their house. And it is very natural for them to do so.

Will Guinea Pigs always try to flip their home?

guinea pigs cage
why do guinea pigs flip their house

Like their homes, the guinea pigs can flip through so many things in their cage that at times they may seem to like it this way.
Sometimes you may even see them turn it around once you have relocated their home. So, it is something they will always try to do for the rest of their lives.

Most of the time other pigs will do as they continue to grow and that is completely normal behavior.

However, some guinea pigs may stop crawling on their roof sometimes too. So it often depends on why they did it in the first place.

If they do it because they do not have enough space in their cage or if their house is too small for them. They may stop once they have got a big cage and a bigger house.
But if exploring their house is something they love to do and it is fun for them. Then they probably will not stop unless you intervene in some way.

Should you stop the guinea pig from flipping their house?

Sometimes when a guinea pig flips its house it will give it back what it was, but most of the time you have to fix it.

Most of the time trying to keep your pig from hitting a small igloo or hut will not always make you what you want it to be.
Guinean pigs will do what they want and sometimes that means searching their house.

So, when they reorganize the stuff in their cage this is what they want to do. And it is usually best to let them continue doing it.

However, there are simple things you can do to help them.

For example, if they do it because they do not like the size of their cage or house, then getting a bigger cage or house may prevent them from doing so.

A large size house can help them avoid demolition. Because they will not be able to find an angle that will allow them to defuse it.

If that is not the reason why they are doing it and you want them to stop. Then finding them a lightweight home can help.

A heavy house can make them not strong enough to take it and turn it over.

They will still be able to push it to where they want to be comfortable. And you will not have to constantly go back to their cage and flip over their house.

So, did you get your reason to why do guinea pigs flip their house?

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