Can Guinea Pigs Eat Gourds? What You Should Know!


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Fat, lumpy, and pie, the gourd is a delicious and nutritious meal of the season. People love to decorate them, and the bright orange pumpkin is now like a fall in the United States. But can you share your favorite autumn gourd with your pet guinea pigs? Can guinea pigs eat gourds? Yes, They can. It is non-toxic, edible, and moderately safe.
In this article, we will give you an in-depth look at some of the nutritional facts about pumpkins, health benefits, and concerns about guinea pigs, and give you tips on feeding these funny-looking pigs.

Gourds Nutrition and Fun Facts


Pumpkins are a kind of gourd. Their Latin name is Cucurbita, and this plant is a flower that blooms and also grows on a tree. Surprisingly, pumpkins can be called fruit because of this and their seeds!
They are alternately called gourds, squash, and pumpkin depending on the region and shape.

Nutrition of gourds

Based on 100g of raw gourds, these nutrients from the USDA are especially important for guinea pigs:

  • Water, 9.6g
  • Sugar, 2.7g
  • Fiber, 0.5 g
  • Potassium, 340mg
  • Vitamin A, 5.7g
  • Vitamin C, 9mg

Guinea Pigs’ Gourd Health Benefits

Pumpkin is an excellent food supplement for your varied and balanced pork. In moderation, this festive gourd can offer a host of health benefits.

Beta-carotene and Vitamin A


The protein is surprisingly high in beta carotene, a precursor to vitamin A. Each 100g of green pumpkin is packed with 5.7g of vitamin A.

Are Gourds Source of Vitamin C?

Although pumpkin is not an important source of vitamin C, it can be added as part of a very diverse diet to ensure that your pig gets its full recommended daily amount.


Another advantage of pumpkin is high fiber. Fiber is magical in its ability to make food easier for your intestines to absorb and also pass through as waste and can deal with all kinds of digestive problems from constipation to diarrhea.



The last nutrient in the tank to which we will sing praises is potassium. This essential mineral in the gourd allows the guinea pig body to do all sorts of good things, including fluid control, emotional symptoms, and also muscle contraction.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Gourds? Are They Bad For Them?

As there are many health benefits, there are also a few important reasons to limit the amount of pumpkin you allow your pig to eat.

Can guinea pigs eat catnip and is it safe for them?



The seeds of all kinds of pumpkins are edible and non-toxic. All in all, it is much safer to remove the seeds of any pumpkin before letting your pig go into town.

High Water Content

Although high in fiber, pumpkin meat is also high in water. Proving that anything excess can be really bad, vegetables high in water can sometimes give guinea pigs diarrhea.

High Sugar

You should also be aware that pumpkin meat is high in sugar. As in humans, the guinea pig that gets a lot of sugar from its diet. Although they can suffer from tooth decay constipation, and obesity.

How to Feed Gourds to Your Guinea Pigs

Always serve fruit and also vegetables to your piggy raw!
Fall means we are immersed in all kinds of pumpkin-flavored things – from pies to sweets, to coffee – but your digestive system cannot withstand the ingredients, spices, or cooked foods at all. This means that you have to keep all the spice latte for you!

Feeding Flesh and Rind of gourds to your guinea pigs

Your pig can eat both flesh on the inside of the cover and its strong outer crust. When feeding your guinea pig pumpkin with skin, just remember to wash it with clean water to remove any dirt or germs you may have collected.

Feeding Leaves, Vines, and Stems of gourds to guinea pigs

It may be interesting to know that guinea pigs can eat even pumpkin leaves – especially if you grow your pumpkins yourself! There is nothing wrong with these tiny herbivores.

How Many Gourds Should I Feed My Guinea Pigs?

Introduce any new food to your guinea pigs slowly and carefully so you can get rid of it if you experience any negative symptoms.
We recommend that you start with small gourd cubes. If it does well with it you can treat it with this light orange squash slowly, for a few days in the middle to at least prevent constipation and gas.
As part of a very varied diet, you can mix small pumpkins in their vegetables more than once a week.

Final Ideas For Feeding Gourds To Your Guinea Pig

Can guinea pigs eat gourds? Yes they can because pumpkin (Gourds) is non-toxic and safe to eat by your guinea pig.
However, as Greek philosophers and mothers have been saying for many years: moderation is the key to health! It is not advisable to give your guinea pig carte blanche over the gourd. But in small amounts, these nutritious grains can support healthy eating and piggy fun.