Can guinea pigs eat catnip and is it safe for them


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can guinea pigs eat catnip

If you own a guinea pig, you may be wondering about can guinea pigs eat catnip? and what will happen to your pigs if they eat catnip. Pet owners got some exciting results after feeding their pigs with a catnip.
Many pet owners know catnips, also called catmints, and whether they can give them to their pigs or not. Questions range from digestive disorders to food poisoning.
Although it has anti-diarrheal properties and is used by humans for medical purposes, guinea pig owners are not sure they will supply it.
In this article, we will highlight the effects of catnip on pigs. So, let’s get started.

Where does catnip originate from?

can guinea pigs eat catnip

Catnip originates from; the Middle East, Eastern and Southern Europe, Central Asia, and Parts of China.
Its real name is Nepta cataria and it is also best known as catnip, catmint, or catwort. Furthermore, this plant is part of the genus Nepta in the Lamiaceae family.
The history of catnip is that we can use it for various medicinal purposes to help certain diseases. We can eat this plant as juice or as a tea. It can be smoked again or added.

Can guinea pigs eat catnip?

Catnip is known by various names like catmint, catwort, field balm, etc. The scientific name of the catnip is Nepta Cataria, and it belongs to the mint family. It is a feather-like plant native to Europe and Asia.

We advise guinea pig owners not to let eat catnip to their pets. As, there is not enough evidence to protect your furry little creatures.

However, there have been reports of damage to their stomachs when eaten. On the contrary, catnip is harmless to them and acts as a stimulant.

How Does Catnip Affect Guinea’s Pigs?

No, Guinea pigs do not respond at all to catnips. Whereas, there are no known chemicals in catnip that delight guinea pigs, they are safe for them. Many pig owners say they see nothing in their pigs.

So can guinea pigs eat catnip at all?

No, you cannot feed your pig catnip as it may damage its stomach. So make sure you avoid feeding this plant to your Guinea pig.

Do Cats Eat Catnips? or like to smell it?

Can Guinea’s Pigs Play with Cat Toys?

can guinea pigs eat catnip

Choosing a toy for pigs is a sensible task. The first thing to consider is what the toy is made of, as at some point they start chewing whatever you give.
Therefore, it is important not to give them plastic toys or anything that can easily get into their mouths to avoid choking.
As normal cat toys are made of plastic or furry stuff. If plastic toys are small and thin, guinea pigs can easily chew, and furry is dangerous as they can be squeezed easily.
In addition, we recommend that you provide them with specially designed toys. For instance, a willow ball is a decent toy, as it is raw and edible.

What is a catnip of guinea pigs?

The Catnip is a no-go for them. You are more likely to injure your pig’s stomach if it is eaten. Furthermore, there is no proof of advantages to them if you feed them with catnips.

Herbs for guinea pigs


There are a variety of safe garden plants and edible herbs for pigs. However, you should always be careful about the frequency and amount of feed. Let’s talk about some of these plants and herbs.

Garden plants are a great source of nutrition for your loving guinea pigs. If you have a garden, it is healthy to let your pigs graze and exercise for a while.

The garden plant varies from flowers, fruits, and other greens. You can feed the leaves of plants such as carrots, beets, and radishes. In addition, Guinea pigs will enjoy fruits like strawberries, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers as food.
The most widely used herbs for feeding pigs are parsley, cilantro, mint, basil, and many others.
Although these plants are harmless, we do not always recommend them in large quantities. Instead, we recommend that you feed your pigs once or twice a week in small amounts.

Is there anything poisonous for Guinea pigs?

You should avoid anything high in sugar, caffeine, or fat. In addition, chocolate, nuts, mushrooms, and garlic are toxic to them.

Can guinea pigs have catnip sticks?

Although many owners offer chewing sticks as a toy for their pigs, catnip sticks have not yet been recommended.

Can guinea pigs have mint?

Mint is a safe food for guinea pigs. A minor percentage once a week is sufficient.


Many guinea pig owners avoid feeding their guinea pigs catnip by any means. There are many other foods such as herbs, vegetables, and fruit for your pigs. We hope this article has helped you to identify the right food for your beloved little guinea pig.

Hence, you got your answer for can guinea pigs eat catnip in this article. We hope it was helpful for you.