Can Guinea Pigs Change Gender? What you need to know


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can guinea pigs change gender

It feels too absurd to sounds that many guinea pig owners talk about guinea pigs changing their genders. So, here is a great debate on can guinea pigs change gender? Being honest Guinea pigs can’t change their genders and they are born as either male or female. However, during their younger or childhood days. They are sometimes hard to distinguish whether they are male or female. As their genitalia aren’t developed to a certain degree.

Keep going on this discussion, we’ll cover more aspects about guinea pig genders, as well as how to distinguish between male and female guinea pigs.

Can Guinea Pigs Change Gender or how Can Guinea Pigs Change Sex?

Can Guinea Pigs Change Gender? Guinea pigs cant change their sex. However, sometimes, it is possible for male guinea pigs to retract their testicles just to make them look like the female guinea pigs. This looks so strange and it requires constant attention, to avoid making such kind of mistake. But, this phenomenon is not only common for guinea pigs, but it is also very easy for other animals to retract their testicles inside the female bodies. You’ll not be able to determine the gender of guinea pigs or any other animal if you didn’t pay special attention to their behavior and actions.

Can Guinea Pigs Change Gender and How to Determine Guinea Pig’s Gender?


Can Guinea Pigs Change Gender? It’s very easy to determine the gender of the guinea pigs. For that first, you’ll need to use your hands because they can’t be determined only by their physical appearances.

If you are judging female guinea pigs, then they would have a bit flatter look with a well-developed ‘Y’ shape. If you will touch their genitalia area with your hand, then you won’t be able to feel any kind of protruding on their skin.

On the other hand, male guinea pigs are a bit easier to distinguish than female guinea pigs. They would have a line with their penis that can be seen very easily and that line is usually in the shape of a line. While touching their genitalia area, you’ll be able to feel the protruding on their skin.

When Do Guinea Pigs Become Fertile?

Female guinea pigs become fertile after 4-10 weeks of their birth. It’s not usually recommended to breed them immediately after that period of 4-10 weeks. The average good time to start their breeding is a minimum of about four months of age. During this period, they haven’t yet entered adulthood, meaning that it’s the perfect time to start breeding female guinea pigs. But, an important thing to consider is that you shouldn’t start breeding your female guinea pigs before eight months of their age.

After the passing of eight months of their age, a female guinea pig starts slowly reaching in their adulthood. This means that they can’t deliver their offspring very successfully. In this case, an experienced veterinarian would have to help your guinea pig bring her offspring successfully. In the case of the male guinea pigs, breeding can possibly be done a month earlier – at three months of their age. A point to ponder is that the male guinea pig can mate at any period of the year, while female guinea pigs often have an estrous cycle in the spring season. The period of this cycle usually lasts about 16 days, and the new estrous cycle begins right after giving birth to their offspring.

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Do You Want to Breed Guinea Pigs?

can guinea pigs change gender
can guinea pigs change gender

If you want to bread guinea pigs, then you should get either female or simply both guinea pigs. And in case, if you want to have only one guinea pig, then go with your choice, but neutering is sometimes obligatory for better outcomes.

Should You Buy a Male guinea pig or a Female Guinea Pig?

You can decide whether you should buy male or female guinea pigs by depending on the following factors:

Based on Their Personality:

Male Guinea Pigs:

Male guinea pigs are most popular because of their certain characteristics.

  • They build instant connections with their owners.
  • Male guinea pigs are more extroverted, self-assured, and welcoming.
  • The male pigs are considerably more ready to let others hold them or sit on their owner’s lap. But if they are given the chance, they will also run out and explore the new house. 

Female Guinea Pigs:

  • Female guinea pigs are more reserved than male guinea pigs.
  • They are easily startled most of the time, which leads them to flee.
  • With time and proper care, your female guinea pig will attach even more to you and become almost as sociable as the male guinea pigs. 

Based on How The guinea pigs Should Be Cared For:

Male Guinea Pigs:

  • Male guinea pigs are usually messier than female guinea pigs.
  • They will scatter their bedding, food, hay, etc. in the cage.
  • They’ll need a steady supply of timothy hay, fruits, and vegetables for refreshment and to wear down their continually growing.
  • Men and female guinea pigs normally appear to be identical in physical appearance, but men might be up to one-third heavier than the females
  • Males have a scent gland to mark their territory, which might give an odor that most people don’t like.

Female Guinea Pigs:

  • Like the male guinea pigs, the female guinea pigs will also need an endless supply of timothy hay as well as lots of fruits and vegetables for refreshment.
  • Females are considerably cleaner and are less likely to mess up their surroundings.  

Based on the Suitability for Owners:

Male Guinea Pigs:

  • Male guinea pigs are a perfect choice for first-time guinea pig owners.
  • They’re a little more outgoing and brave.
  • Their filthy temperament might take some extra time to get used to it but they will provide you the necessary experience to care for these creatures.

Female Guinea Pigs:

  • Females guinea pigs are the best option for those individuals who have adequate experience in caring for a guinea pig.
  • These owners know that they should give her proper time to adjust to her new surroundings and environment before pressuring her to make new friends.