Can Cats Eat Goldfish Fish; Is it safe for them?


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cats and goldfish feature image

Those of us who have successfully raised goldfish and cats together in the same house know that it can be challenging. Cats are naturally attracted to fish and when the color is too bright they want to play with it. It is believed that cats also love to eat fish but can cats eat goldfish fish safely without side effects? This is a controversial topic among pet owners. Cat food experts have their ideas on the subject. It is good to be familiar with all the points when trying to answer such a question. To get an idea of ​​all the possible problems surrounding the question, we have done our little research. Although it is a strange question, it is somewhat interesting. We have looked at this puzzling question and here is what we found.

Assumptions about can cats eat goldfish fish

cats and goldfish feature image

Cats do not always eat fish that swim in a fish bottle. Fish found in cats’ popular diets has been processed and mixed with other ingredients. Experts in Petset point out that there are potentially harmful toxins in fish that can harm humans and cats if eaten raw. Many tame cats do not eat fish as part of their diet and are not part of their normal diet.

Why do cats attempt to catch goldfish?

Cats are attracted to the goldfish because of their running movements and their vivid colors. The natural curiosity of cats and their playful nature creates a strong interest in colorful fish that make rapid movement in a bowl or tank. Cats are also by nature, hunters. They are more inclined to play with their prey than to eat it fast. If you have ever watched a cat play with a mouse you know what we are talking about. Cats get distracted by watching their dear jump and try to run away.

Fish is not a horrible protein source for cats

Hills experts say fish is a good source of fish protein, but it should be used as part of a nutritious diet without going too far with the components. Some species of fish are harmful to certain vitamins and may even destroy them, thus reducing their nutritional value. The best nutrients are found in certain fish oils. This reduces the amount of a few fats. Those with DHA omega 3 fatty acids are much better for brain health.

Can cats eat goldfish fish?

The popular cat welfare site POC warns that goldfish found in China have a higher chance of containing melamine or other potentially toxic substances. Cat health and well-being experts have concluded that technically, you can feed your cat goldfish if you are sure the fish are found in a place that is free of potential toxins. The big question is can cats eat goldfish fish?

Hidden hazards of eating goldfish

Joe Larson, also known as the Crazy Cat guy, suggests that there is another reason why you should avoid letting your cat eat alive or dead goldfish on the subject. There is a real danger that your cat will choke on one of the tiny fish bones. It may get caught in the trachea, or pass through the digestive system and cause diarrhea. You should not just take a chance on your cat’s life.

Clashing points of view of can cats eat goldfish fish

Another member challenged Larson’s comments in defense of your right to feed your cat a goldfish fish. It has reptiles and provides solid food for live birds and other animals. He says there is nothing wrong with morals or ethics by feeding live pets. Both of these are pet owners, however, who are not experts in the field. This comment sparked a heated debate over the health of these cats as well as the animal cruelty for the poor goldfish. Public opinion on the matter is divided, so we turn to experts to resolve the question of whether can cats eat goldfish fish or not. This leads us to our conclusion on this subject.

What If the Cat Eats My Goldfish fish?

If your cat can catch a goldfish its chances of survival are very low especially if there is no human monitoring at home. Even if you intervene your fish will likely be irreparably damaged and may need to be released from its human suffering.

If possible, your cat eats fish call your veterinarian. Eating live, raw goldfish is not as dangerous as you might think. Goldfish carry diseases – bacteria and parasites. Goldfish carry worms that can be transmitted to your cat. In addition, the small goldfish is still large enough to cause constipation or intestinal obstruction. So get your answer to can cats eat goldfish fish.

Keeping the Cat Away

If you decide to have fish, you should not keep it in a small, open bowl under any circumstances – even if you do not have a cat. Goldfish should be kept in an aquarium with a lid closed. The aquarium should be strong enough that the cat cannot roll it and the lid should be secure enough that the cat cannot pull it out or pierce it.

It is perfectly acceptable to have a variety of animals living in your home. Not keeping each one safe is unacceptable. In addition, allowing your cat to attack one animal will put other animals at risk. It is best not to wake the leopard inside your cat!


Can cats eat goldfish fish? The answer is yes, they can eat goldfish. There will be no further damage if it is part of a balanced and nutritious diet. However, you should be aware that there is always a risk that your cat will be injured by the small bones of the goldfish. If the fish is dirty, your cat may be poisonous. These are two major concerns about cat welfare of cat is that cats only wish to play with goldfish fish and that it is not their favorite food source, it makes us wonder why we would consider feeding our cat a goldfish? While some cats will snatch a small goldfish, others will play with it, bite it, and beat it until after much suffering, the creature dies. What is the point?

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