Can You Be Allergic To Rabbits? What to Do Next?


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can you be allergic to rabbits

Sometimes I do not get along with both cats and dogs. As an animal lover, I naturally turned to rabbits as my favorite animal than any other pet, thinking that I would not have any allergies to rabbits. I wonder and ask myself can you be allergic to rabbits? Unfortunately, I was wrong.

You can be allergic to rabbits less than cats or dogs. However, rabbits are not hypoallergenic pets. Humans may develop allergies to rabbit skin, saliva, or even urine. Grass and hay used for rabbit food and sleep can also cause severe allergies in rabbit caregivers.

How to know if you’re allergic to rabbits?

can you be allergic to rabbits
can you be allergic to rabbits

If you are thinking about getting a pet rabbit, you probably want to know if you are not sick before you bring your new rabbit home.
An easy way to find out if you are not sick is to spend time near rabbits. If you know anyone with rabbits as pets, see if you can stay with the rabbit for a few hours. If you do not respond (such as watery eyes, sneezing, shortness of breath, or rash), you are probably not allergic.

Can you be allergic to rabbits or hay?

Although rabbit allergies are rare, grass allergies are common. The bad news is that the rabbit food source is dry grass, which is just dry grass. Even if you are not sick of the rabbit, you may not be allergic to their diet.

If you already know that you are allergic to heavy grass, it is probably best to stay away from rabbits. However, minor allergies are manageable. You can wear gloves while handling grass and face masks while cleaning to prevent the smell of hay dust.

What to do if you are allergic to your rabbits?

Use these tips to help keep your allergies away while you are with the house rabbit.

  • Clean frequently

Keep your house clean, Do dusting and washing more frequently than normal. In this way, allergen particles will be more less than usual and it will benefit you and your allergies

  • Avoid handling your rabbit

When you hold and pet your rabbit, you have a chance to an allergic reaction from rabbits. The saliva and hair of rabbits can reach your cloth or face easily. The allergens stick onto surfaces for long periods, so you may continue to experience allergies many hours after you’ve touched your rabbit.

  • Wash your hands often

Wash your hand more often because it can prevent the rabbit’s hair to reach your eyes or mouth if you touch them.

You should do some more precautions

  • Keep some areas of the house rabbit-free

Make a room rabbit-free where no rabbit is allowed to enter. In this way, you can get a space where you can easily breathe if you have allergic symptoms to rabbits. Use baby gates for rabbits to avoid spreading their particles around the house.

  • Use hardwood floors

When searching for apartments, I always try to find options with wooden flooring because it’s better for your allergies. These are easier to clean. It doesn’t collect allergen particles the way carpeted floors will.

  • Brush your rabbit during shedding seasons

Brush your rabbit more often because the hair of rabbits will impurify the air more than the rabbit itself. In this way, you can avoid being allergic to rabbits.

  • Use an air purifier

Air purifiers clean the airborne pet dust and allergens. The filter can effectively remove the allergens from the air in a way that is safe for rabbits. 

Do NOT bathe your rabbit

If you are allergic to rabbits, I want to give you a warning about bathing rabbits.
First, it is an ineffective way to manage stress in the home.
Bathing is also dangerous for rabbits. Without proper care, wet rabbits can get hypothermia, or their soft skin can cause serious injuries and even minor cuts. Washed rabbits have a higher risk of injury due to the slippery surface and handling, ear infections when they get water in their ears, and in rare cases, they may be frightened when they touch cold water.

Can you be allergic to rabbits or hay? Yes, you can be allergic to your rabbits. You can avoid these allergies through the precautions mentioned above in this article.

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