Can Parrots Eat Roasted Peanuts And Is It Safe For Them

can parrots eat roasted peanuts
can parrots eat roasted peanuts

There is no doubt that parrots love nuts and seeds. Whether wild or domestic, nuts are a source of nutrition for parrots. Peanuts come in many varieties – some safe for parrots and some unsafe. One of the most frequently asked questions is can parrots eat roasted peanuts?
Roasted peanuts are one of the cheapest nuts you can buy and they are a good candy for us humans too. To know more about roasted peanuts keep reading.

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Can parrots eat roasted peanuts?


The answer is yes, parrots can eat roasted peanuts. They contain a variety of nutrients that play a key role in the parrots’ diet.
That being said, you need to be aware of what kind of roasted peanuts your parrots like to it.
Special nuts can have extra salt and spices that can be harmful to your pet parrots.
In addition, low-quality peanut shells may contain something called Alfatoxin that can lead to polio. For this reason, you need to choose your nuts carefully.

What are the health benefits of roasted peanuts?

Roasted peanuts have a variety of nutritional benefits for parrots. This includes;
Protein: Parrots need a good balance of protein in their diet. Protein is needed to build feathers, as well as to keep birds warm. Too little protein can lead to Fatty Liver Disease, as well as preventable growth and development. And roasted peanuts contain proteins.

Vitamin B7 (Biotin): Biotin helps protect against heart disease, skin conditions, and neurological disorders. Like protein, too much Biotin can be harmful. Good balance is needed in the diet of parrots.

Copper: Roasted peanuts contain copper. Which is needed for healthy bones, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Without it, parrots can detect damage to the color change of feathers, loose bones, and abnormal shells.

How can you make sure your roasted peanuts are of the highest quality?

Okay, so we found out that you can feed your parrots nuts as long as they are of high quality. But how do you know if peanut is high quality?
First, make sure that your nuts are safe for human consumption. Second, select a brand name manufacturer. Commercial manufacturers test all their nuts to see if they have Aflatoxin before selling them. If they do not exceed the USDA-approved standards, they do not sell in stores. Avoid branded peanuts, as well as peanuts sold in bulk.

Despite rumors that frying destroys Aflatoxin, this is not true. It’s okay to feed your parrot nuts roasted here and there, but also, make sure they are of the highest quality. The idea that roasting could eliminate this toxin is just a rumor.

How many roasted peanuts can I feed my parrots?

Most parrots owners do not like to feed their parrots roasted peanuts at all. It can be very difficult to confirm the absence of Aflatoxin in roasted peanuts, so many simply prefer not to take risks. If you are going to feed your parrot’s roasted peanuts, do so in very small quantities. Two or three nuts as a snack should be fine, but anything else can be dangerous.
Always make sure that when you feed your parrots with roasted peanuts, you take them out of the shell first. This can help prevent the spread of Aflatoxin.

Can my parrots have salty roasted peanuts?

You should avoid giving your parrots salty roasted peanuts. Even a small amount of salt can be harmful to your pet’s hair. If parrots have too much salt, they can disrupt the fluid and electrolyte balance within their systems.

This can lead to excessive thirst or dehydration, or in severe cases kidney failure and death. So if you are going to give your parrots roasted peanuts, stick to salt-free versions.

Can my parrots eat a roasted peanuts shell?

can parrots eat roasted peanuts

No, you should never feed your parrots with a shell of roasted peanuts. While some roasted peanuts casings are good for your parrots to eat.

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A roasted peanuts shell can contain a lot of Aflatoxin. So you should completely remove it before the roasted peanuts are fed to your parrots. Feeding your parrot peanut shell (or even allowing them to remove it themselves) can cause illness.

Raw or Roasted – which is better?

When it comes to raw as opposed to roasted, it depends a lot on what your parrots like. Roasted nuts are usually likely in chewing but most parrots can handle either. However, young parrots may prefer roasted peanuts for these reasons.
Keep in mind, though, that just because nuts are roasted does not mean that Aflatoxin is depleted. Always make sure you buy high-quality roasted peanuts for your parrots.


I conclude yes, parrots can have roasted peanuts. Does that mean they should have roasted peanuts? Probably not. However, I would recommend that you avoid feeding your parrots with roasted peanuts. As mentioned, this is a personal decision. If you decide to feed your pet with roasted peanuts, go with high-quality products.
Also, we hope you got your answer to can parrots eat roasted peanuts? We hope you did. Thank you for reading.