Menopausal irritability elimination method, effective coping method for mental disorder?

Menopausal irritability elimination method effective coping method for mental disorder
Menopausal irritability elimination method effective coping method for mental disorder

When you reach menopause, you will suddenly feel changes in your physical condition and appearance, and you will tend to stay inside. The important thing is to take mental and physical changes as natural and turn your awareness outward. And instead of counting “what you’ve lost,” let’s focus on “what we can do now” and take action. Here are some tips for coping with menopause.

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Irritation and mental disorders during menopause …… You may have self-loathing about changes

When you enter menopause, your physical condition becomes unstable due to the rapid decrease in female hormones, and your mental state becomes delicate. As a result, you may become frustrated or depressed because you may be worried about things that you hadn’t paid much attention to before, or things that you had overlooked.

“In the past, when my husband pointed out that I was easily tired and my body shape changed, I was able to ignore it, but it hit me hard… I strongly oppose it.
” I get really tired and fall asleep on the sofa watching TV for about an hour  

. There are many women who feel a decline in their weight and are confused.

A good way to deal with menopause …… Accept the truth, life-size

During menopause, sleep becomes shallower and the sleep rhythm is more likely to be disturbed. Until now, a good night’s sleep would relieve my fatigue, but I still wake up many times in the middle of the night. Even though I get enough sleep, I still feel tired the next morning. This sort of thing happens often.

In addition, due to the effects of decreased female hormones and decreased basal metabolism, fat tends to accumulate, causing weight gain, skin elasticity and moisture loss, dry skin, wrinkles and spots. It becomes difficult to feel confident about your appearance as you become more and more white hair with age. As presbyopia progresses, the muscles become stiffer, causing pain in the shoulders and lower back.

In this way, aging progresses rapidly during menopause, and the number of people who are unable to prepare mentally in time and make desperate efforts not to lose their youth increases because they experience a decline in bodily functions and changes in appearance. As a result, many people end up injuring their bodies by forcing themselves to exercise vigorously, or end up with financial burdens from spending large sums on beauty treatments.

However, when you get old, you can’t move your body as much as when you were young, and it’s natural to feel changes in your appearance and decline in physical function. Acknowledge your current state and turn your attention to the body that is working hard every day. Then, listen to your body’s voice, such as “It’s hard,” “I’m tired,” and “It hurts,” and take care of yourself first. Then, it will be easier for you to find a way to maintain your health without overdoing it with your current strength, a way to train your body, and a way to improve your physical function.

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Expand your horizons by turning your attention outward

Also, during menopause, people tend to become more introverted because their minds and bodies become more conscious. However, if you keep your feelings inside, it will be difficult for you to encounter new stimuli that will change you.

So the important thing is to “turn your consciousness outward”. For example, how about using a new hobby to expand your scope of activities and friendships? You may meet new friends and activities that will change you for the better.

After I entered menopause, I started dancing at the gym and joining a climbing club where people of my age gather. By exchanging information with new friends who match my age and physical strength, and exchanging information while talking about my goals, I feel that my mind is very active and my horizons are broadening. However, I try not to push myself too hard, such as resting for two days after being active for one day.

Challenge new things because it’s menopause! 

If you are even slightly interested in something, or if you think you should try it, you should try it as much as you can. As you get older, the day may come when you can no longer do what you want to do due to your health or family circumstances. Nonetheless, there are times when your body will not work as hard as it did when you were young, so the principle is not to be greedy about what you want to do.

Even if you count “what you have lost in menopause”, nothing new will be born. Focus on “what you can do now during menopause” and try to do what you want to do while you are still able to move freely. Then you will be free from frustration and depression, and you will be able to enjoy every day.