Five factors and countermeasures that men in their 50s fall into “midlife crisis”

Five factors and countermeasures that men in their 50s fall into midlife crisis
Five factors and countermeasures that men in their 50s fall into midlife crisis

The “midlife crisis” that men in their 50s are likely to face. Worries such as work, physical strength, child growth, old parents, household finances, marital relationships, etc. rush all at once, and it is easy to become unstable. What do you need to get through your 50s without losing hope? Here are some tips that will help you get through the tough times.

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“Mid-life crisis” generation requiring attention is in their 50s … worsening due to late marriage and extension of retirement age

People who have been doing well up to that point may suddenly lose sight of themselves in middle age and fall into a crisis of the heart. It may be a psychological change called “midlife crisis”. Some people suffer from severe anxiety and persistent depression.

In the past, people in their 40s were said to be the “mid-life crisis” generation that needed attention, but due to factors such as later marriages, the extension of retirement age, and longer life expectancy, people in their 50s are now facing the “mid-life crisis”. It seems that more and more people are becoming aware of

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5 factors behind the ‘midlife crisis’ of men in their 50s

“Midlife crisis” occurs in both men and women, but in the case of men, the following five factors are considered to be particularly susceptible.

1. Awareness of limitations in
work Until around the age of 40, growth and possibilities in work are unknown, and many people find it challenging. However, when I entered my 50s, I realized that there was a limit to my growth in my current job, and on the other hand, I felt that it was too late to start anew in a new field, and I felt regret about my work and anxiety about my future work. easier.

2. Loss of physical strength and symptoms of male menopause
Although physical strength recovered smoothly until the age of 40, even if you overdo it a little, it becomes difficult for the body to overwork itself when you enter your 50s. Physical problems such as lifestyle-related diseases are likely to occur, and you may feel uneasy about your physical condition. In addition, male menopausal symptoms can lead to a decline in sexual function, insomnia, and loss of energy, which can lead to a loss of self-confidence.

3. Children’s Growth and Concerns about Old Parents
Holidays used to be the center of family services, but as the children grow up, there is nothing left to do, family time becomes less and less, and people start to feel lonely. At the same time, the onset of illness and nursing care problems of the elderly parents are likely to occur, and new stress is likely to occur.

4. Anxiety about family finances due to
late marriage In recent years, due to the effects of late marriage and late childbirth, there are an increasing number of families in their 50s who are burdened with education expenses and mortgages. On the other hand, many people at work will reach retirement age around 55 years old, and the balance of income and expenditure will collapse, making it easier for them to be attacked by anxiety about their household finances.

5. Dilution of the marital relationship
In the case of couples who have prioritized children, they may feel uneasy about how they should be as a result of leaving the child-rearing hands. Even if you suddenly try to warm up the relationship, there are quite a few couples who continue to have a strained relationship because their feelings for each other remain different.

50’s “bottom” and U-shaped curve? Change in sense of fulfillment seen from the survey

Many people fall into a “midlife crisis” because the above things occur one after another from the time they enter their 50s.

However, according to overseas surveys, the life satisfaction level of people in their 20s to 80s shows a U-shaped curve with the bottom around the age of 50 (*1). A survey by the Cabinet Office in 2021 also showed that while the sense of fulfillment in life decreased in the 50s, it increased again in the 60s (* 2).

In this way, people in their 50s are a generation that is more likely to face worries and anxieties, but as they age, they tend to regain their sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

It’s darkest before the dawn… Tips for surviving the troubled 50s

Just as there is a word in psychology called “creative sickness,” there is a period of time when you struggle and suffer to the point of falling sick just before you discover new values ​​and new grounds.

And as the saying goes, “It’s darkest before the dawn.” Before you can find a breakthrough in your worries, you feel as if you’re walking alone in the darkness. Especially for men who have been greedy in everything they do and have lived with pride, many people may be confused when faced with feelings that discourage their self-confidence.

However, according to the domestic and overseas statistics introduced earlier, the sense of fulfillment in life tends to rise again with age. In the future, you will surely find solutions to your worries, the joy and fun of living, and new goals in life.

Therefore, even if there are many things to worry about right now, let’s not get discouraged and walk through each day without losing hope. If there is something that interests you in your daily life, you should explore it as much as possible and find stimulation in new encounters. Then you may find a way out of your troubles and discover new values ​​and goals in life that are different from what you had before.