Account-Based Marketing Tactics You Should Know


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Account Based Marketing Tactics

Implementing the right account-based marketing tactics is key to reaching today’s B2B buyers. From video to physical giveaways, we share the best ABM tactics to capture your prospect’s attention.
Business buyers expect more personalization than the average consumer, but when decision makers are often groups rather than individuals, it can be difficult to tailor marketing efforts. This is where account-based marketing tactics come into play.

What are Account Based Marketing tactics?

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a strategic approach where B2B marketing efforts are focused on highly targeted accounts that have been identified as a good fit for the business.
ABM, also known as key customer marketing, requires a close relationship between marketing and sales to identify and market directly to specific individual organizations that fit an ideal customer profile (ICP).

7 Account-Based Marketing Tactics for B2B Organizations

Below are some proven account-based marketing tactics – pick a few that make sense for your business and start testing!

1. Tailor Content Topics to Target Audience Needs

Whether you’re creating blogs, webinars, e-books (or books), or guides, choosing content topics based on the pain points. It needs of your target accounts is an effective way to capture their attention.
Rather than using blanket themes, explore the specifics that you know your most important prospects are interested in. The measure of success here is quality over quantity.

2. Slice and dice your data

If your business generates original data to create news and other content, it can be a virtual gold mine for your ABM activities.
As you create the big picture, think about how the data can be segmented and reused to tailor it to the targeted account.

3. Stand out from the crowd with video

There are many ways to fuel your ABM efforts with video. Personalization is key with account-based marketing tactics, and what’s more personal than sending a direct video message to a prospect. It’s a quick way to put a face to a name and build trust with a target account.

  • Email and information campaigns
  • Screen sharing videos
  • Personalized videos

4. Separate Customer Testimonials into Tiers

Likewise, there are many opportunities to tailor customer testimonials to make the content relevant to the target account.
Start by creating some basic testimonials that address some of the more common use cases for your product and can be widely shared. Then create targeted customer stories for specific market segments or key customers.

5. Record Explainer and Thought Leadership Videos

To get the best results with video when using account-based marketing tactics, aim to build a library of video content (similar to a post library you might have on a blog).
Explainer videos are an excellent type of content for ABM because they often address customer (or prospect) questions. Similarly, thought leadership videos can be effective in establishing your organization in the industry.

6. Go the Extra Mile with IRL Gifts for ABM (Account Based Marketing) tactics

A next-level step for teams that have had good luck with direct mail, sending physical gifts to potential customers is one of the basic account-based marketing tactics. This can drive lead connections with key customers – and get the target company talking.
That’s the key. You need to do your homework and learn enough about the prospect to choose and send something that they are sure to like.

7. Target key customers with digital ads

As with any campaign, ads are a great way to get coverage. Digital ads allow you to get your message in front of everyone you want to see. And of course, ads are measurable, allowing teams to track results and see what’s working (and what’s not). Sales teams can use data to prioritize their efforts and target the right people at the right time.