Is the blanket above or below the comforter? In fact, the correct way to use blankets with different materials

Is the blanket above or below the comforter
Is the blanket above or below the comforter

It has become a hot topic that “actually, it is correct to put the blanket on top of the comforter”, but how much citizenship does the faction of “putting it on top” actually have? This time, along with the results of a survey on “Which blanket should you put under your comforter?”, we will introduce useful information for a good night’s sleep in winter.

he season when I miss the warmth of fluffy blankets. It has become a hot topic that “Actually, the correct answer is to put the blanket on top of the comforter!”

Therefore, the All About editorial department conducted a questionnaire asking “Which blanket should you put on top of or under the comforter?” This time, along with the results, we will introduce the correct use of blankets that are useful for a good night’s sleep in winter.

* Questionnaire was conducted on 500 people nationwide
* Gender ratio: 149 men / 347 women / 4 who did not respond
* Age ratio: 5 in their teens / 101 in their 20s / 180 in their 30s / 134 in their 40s / 64 people in their 50s / 13 people in their 60s / 3 people in their 70s
* Survey period: October 8 to October 11, 2021

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Slightly superior to those who put blankets on top

The results of a survey conducted on 500 people asking, “Which do you put the blanket over or under the comforter?” are as follows.

Is the blanket “top” or “bottom”?53.4% ​​of the “upper” group, slightly higher than the 45.2% of the “lower” group. It seems that the old common sense that “the blanket should be placed under the comforter” is being overturned.

Top or bottom, the correct answer depends on the material!

However, not all blankets should be placed over comforters. The correct use of a blanket depends on its material.

Feathers swell when warmed by the body temperature and exhibit heat retention, but if there is a blanket between the body and the duvet, the heat will not be transmitted to the down and the bulge will be insufficient, resulting in poor heat retention. So if you put a duvet inside and put a blanket over it, you can sleep warmly.

Blankets made of natural animal materials such as wool and cashmere are light and have the function of absorbing and dissipating sweat from the body, so they can be used anywhere.

Many synthetic fiber blankets are rather heavy, so be careful not to crush the duvet by using it on top of the duvet.

How to adjust the warmth with bedding?

〇 It’s cold and I can’t sleep! For those who want to keep warm anyway,
body heat escapes not only upwards (toward the ceiling), but also downwards (toward the floor). Sleeping with a blanket on top of the mattress can prevent this and increase the heat retention effect.

In this case, synthetic fiber blankets have weak moisture absorption and dissipation effects, so moisture tends to accumulate in the bed. As a result, it may take away heat from your body and make you feel stuffy and uncomfortable.

〇Those who feel cold but feel hot in winter bedding
should adjust the heating equipment to keep the room temperature between 16 and 20 degrees. Humidity in the bedroom is also important and should be kept between 50-60%. Use a humidifier, etc., if necessary.

If you put a hot water bottle in the bed about 30 minutes before going to bed, you can sleep warmly. Turn off your electric blanket when you go to sleep and turn it back on 30 minutes to an hour before you wake up so it doesn’t interfere with your body’s natural cooling.

Heavy futons and blankets on your body will interfere with your ability to roll over, resulting in poor sleep quality. Consider using a light duvet or a blanket made from natural materials, although they are a little more expensive.