I can’t sleep when my pillow changes

I can't sleep when my pillow changes
I can't sleep when my pillow changes

Traveling is fun, but many people worry about not being able to sleep at night outside of their own homes. It seems that some people find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep if they change places to sleep, such as hotels on business trips, as well as travel destinations. One of the big reasons is “pillows”. Here, we will explain how to easily adjust the pillow to make it easier to sleep while traveling, and how to drink alcohol that you should be careful about.

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“I can’t sleep when my pillow changes” is true! What is the reason?

I can sleep well at home, but I couldn’t sleep at all when I was on a business trip or on a trip… Have you ever experienced that? When you can’t sleep anywhere other than your own home, such as when traveling, it’s most important to review your pillow. Also, the “sleep ceremony” that makes your behavior constant until you sleep is also effective. It’s good to rely on the power of sleeping pills and alcohol, but let’s be a little careful about how you drink.

The best pillow for me! It is also effective to bring your usual pillow or pillow cover

If the pillow fits perfectly, you can sleep soundly.There is an experiment that compares the sleeping comfort of a well-worn pillow and a new pillow of the same type. They found that the pillow they usually use helps them sleep better. This is probably because the material has weakened with use and has become hollow in some areas, allowing it to conform to the shape of my head.

Also, sleeping on a pillow soaked in your own scent may be more reassuring and easier to fall asleep. If you can’t sleep when you change pillows while traveling, bring your own pillow, or at least use the same pillowcase you always use when traveling.

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How to adjust the optimal height of a simple pillow

Also, you may need to adjust the height if the pillows at your accommodation don’t feel right. In such a case, we recommend the method advocated by Saori Yamada, Director of No. 16 Orthopedic Surgery.

The ideal pillow height is when you sleep on your side and the line that runs through the center of your face and the line that runs through the center of your torso are in line. If you don’t feel your neck bending left or right when you sleep on your side, you’re good to go. If the pillow does not fit, consult with your hotel or ryokan, or try adjusting the height with a towel or bath towel.

“Sleep Ceremony”

If you make a pattern of your actions before going to sleep, you will feel calm even when you are travelingDoing a routine before going to sleep will help you fall asleep better. This behavior is called “sleep ceremony” or “sleep ritual”. When you perform a sleep-onset ritual, the switch from the sympathetic nerve, which is the daytime nerve, to the parasympathetic nerve, which is the night nerve, is performed smoothly, and you can prepare for sleep.

For example, take a slow bath, change into your pajamas, brush your teeth, do some stretching, go to bed, mutter “good night” and close your eyes. If you do this kind of sleep ceremony on a regular basis and do the same while traveling, you will be able to relax and fall asleep naturally.

Precautions for using sleep-improving drugs and nightcaps

If you can’t sleep, you can use a “sleep improving drug” that you can buy at a pharmacy. It is especially effective for those who are sleepy due to cold medicine, hay fever, and allergy medicine. When the medicine takes effect, you may suddenly feel drowsy, so for safety’s sake, get into bed immediately after taking the medicine.

Nightcap is a culture that can be seen in both East and West. Drinking alcohol definitely helps you sleep better. However, when the concentration in the blood becomes thin, alcohol exerts a stimulating effect. As a result, sleep is lighter in the second half of sleep and overall sleep quality is poorer.

If you drink alcohol, limit it to three hours before bedtime. That way, the alcohol will be broken down before you sleep, so your sleep will be less affected. For an adult male weighing 60 kg, an appropriate amount is 1 go of sake, 1 medium bottle of beer, and up to 2 light glasses of wine. Women and the elderly are slow to decompose alcohol, so about half of this is appropriate.