How long does homemade granola last

how long does homemade granola last

Granola is a great way to start the morning with a snack or supplement to a delicious dessert fruit. If you ever find yourself asking, “Can you freeze granola?” or “How long does homemade granola last?” you are in luck.

The answer is yes; you can freeze granola and keep it fresh for a long time so you never want to repeat the frustrating feeling when you see you leave a bag open in the pantry or go for a long time without buying a new bag.

If you want to learn how to freeze your granola properly to keep it fresh for months on end, read below for specific steps.

How to Store Homemade Granola in the Freezer

Store frozen granola at home is as simple as storing it in proper containers, lowering the air volume, and keeping it securely inside your refrigerator.

1. Collect Items

First, you will need to pack a container large enough to store all your home granola. If you do not have one large enough, you can choose to store granola in many smaller containers. For best results, use glass jars or other airtight options.

However, if all you have is plastic containers, that’s fine too.

2. Place Granola in Containers


Next, you will want to pack your granola in the containers you plan to freeze. Make sure everything is completely cool first, then start picking granola mixes in their new home. If you are planning to use your granola for travel, consider using small containers that you can grab and take with you in the morning.

3. Remove Air Packs

Once you have placed the granola in its container, squeeze the oats, seeds, and fruit into the bottom to remove any possible air gaps. Since there is less air in the container, it is less likely to get heat from the refrigerator. You can press either with your fingers or with the back of a spoon. Try to leave 1/4 inch on top so that the granola does not get stuck in the lid.

4. Label

Next, label your containers. It is a good idea to label the granola content with the date added to the fridge as well. For example, if you have nuts in your mix, the last thing you want is for someone who is not familiar with peanuts to hold a container for a light breakfast. Make it clear what is in the granola mix and write the date, so you know how long they have been there.

5. Freeze it

Once they are all labeled, you can continue to refrigerate them. They can stay anywhere from three to five months if properly maintained.
Most granola contains dried fruit, chopped oats, nuts, and a special sweetener. Ideally, this mixture will help the granola to stay longer in the fridge.
You will notice that pre-made granola bags come with a leading date, which is a useful measure of how long a product usually stays fresh. They usually give a sequential rating. Generally, granola can last much longer.
How long does homemade granola last? If you have made homemade granola and want to know how long you can keep it fresh, the answer is usually between two weeks and a month.

How long does homemade granola last or how to store granola bars

Can you store up granola bars, too? Yes. Just as you can freeze granola for good results, you can also keep your granola bars made at home or bought in the store and enjoy them for much longer than you would if you kept them in the pantry.
If you work with store-bought bars, all you have to do is toss them in the refrigerator bag and toss them in the fridge. As they come wrapped in strings, they will not stick together. An extra layer of refrigerator bag will add extra protection.

If you have made homemade granola bars, you first need to create each pack for each bar, so that it does not stick together and is as strong as one large weight. The best way to do this is to cut your poles and wrap each with wax paper. You can then put all the wrapped bars in one large refrigerator bag or cover it completely with aluminum foil for storage.

How to Thaw Frozen Granola or Granola Bars

Frozen granola is not the most delicious treat. For best results, you will want to dissolve the granola before enjoying it after freezing.
To do this, simply place the granola on the counter and let it sit in a warm room for a few hours. After an hour or two, it should melt and be ready to go. Since there is not much liquid in granola, it will not take long to melt, and it will not soften.

Putting it in the fridge to cool is not a very good idea. The refrigerator boils slightly, which can help with high humidity items such as meat or fruit. Dry granola-like material can melt very quickly over the counter.

How to Tell If Granola Has Gone Bad or how long does homemade granola last?

how long does homemade granola last

Is the granola going bad? Like any other food item, yes. Granola may be bad, but it does not get soggy. It has very little moisture, which means it will not grow any mold.
Molds are usually safe to eat for months after storage — sometimes even years!

Of particular concern is the nuts as they contain so much oil. Its oil content makes it more likely to disappear. If you haven’t had your granola for a long time, take a little taste and be sure to try the nut before adding it to your yogurt or smoothie.

Enjoy Frozen Granola

If you love granola but can’t afford to eat it every day until you run out, freezing it for later use is something to consider. By freezing a mixture of dried oats, you will be able to add it to your breakfast or desserts for months to come. Did you get your answer to how long does homemade granola last?

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