“WheMenstrual cycle and aging cause mood swings? 


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WheMenstrual cycle and aging cause mood swings 

With changes in age and lifestyle, women are more likely to experience changes in their physical condition, and are more likely to experience mood swings. It is important to be aware of changes in your body and mind and take care of yourself. We will explain how to understand the stress that women should be aware of and how to deal with mood swings.

Women’s bodies and minds that are susceptible to the menstrual cycle and aging

Changes in hormonal balance that affect a woman’s mind and body. Although individual differences are very large, it is generally said that the following mood changes are more likely to occur.

■ Changes in hormone balance associated with
the menstrual cycle One is mood changes associated with the menstrual cycle . Since the state of female hormones changes greatly on the day of ovulation, moods also tend to fluctuate.

For about a week after ovulation, mood swings are more likely to occur. The closer you get to the start of your period, the more unstable your mood can become, and some people become irritable and depressed. This is due to increased secretion of luteinizing hormone, which enhances the lining of the uterus.

With the start of menstruation, luteinizing hormone decreases and some women feel calmer, but some feel unwell due to menstrual pain, anemia, and discomfort during menstruation. After the end of menstruation, the “follicle hormone” gradually rises, and some people feel cheerful until the ovulation period, but there are large individual differences.

■ Changes in hormonal balance due to
menopause Female hormones decrease sharply during menopause, and become close to zero after menopause . Depending on the person, unpleasant symptoms such as hot flushes, sudden sweating, palpitations, headaches, and body chills may occur. With these changes in physical condition, mood changes are likely to occur, and depression and irritability may increase, and anxiety may occur.

In this way, a woman’s body changes due to the effects of the menstrual cycle and aging, and she is more likely to experience ups and downs in her mood.

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A woman’s heart changes depending on her life stage and environment

When faced with life cycle issues such as employment, marriage, childbirth, childcare, and nursing care, there are also challenges unique to women.

Even if the husband cooperates with housework and childcare, in reality, the wife often bears most of the burden. After marriage, the wife often retires or changes the way she works, leading to many changes in her lifestyle, such as socializing with local people and relatives, and dealing with many new issues. There are many things.

I often hear that women who balance work and childcare face many time constraints and do not have time to relax or enjoy their own time.

If stress accumulates and you are unable to have peace of mind, you may experience insomnia, loss of appetite, and increased depression, which may lead to mental problems such as depression.

Understand the mind and body of women who are sensitive to the surroundings, and show compassion

As mentioned above, women are affected by various stresses, and their moods can be easily affected.

It is difficult for the people around them to understand these feelings, and they only want to capture their frustration and exhaustion from time to time and offer opinions such as, “Why don’t you think more openly?” It may happen. However, the person herself is not so dexterous, and the reality is that she is swayed by frustration and fatigue that she cannot help herself.

Therefore, it is important for those around you to pay attention to the mood swings of the moment and not to criticize them, but to treat them with compassion .

How to deal with the ups and downs of your mood? Take deep breaths and change your mind

If you feel uncomfortable, it is recommended to have a habit of deep breathing. Also, have multiple means of distraction and take care of your mind.It is important for women themselves to be aware of the fact that their physical condition is difficult to control, and that their moods are easily affected. When she becomes extremely irritable or depressed, she may become aggressive. In that case , let

her stop and take a deep breath . She can sit in a quiet place and take deep breaths for three minutes to calm her down and calm her down. Afterwards, she should explain her condition, saying, “I’m in this state, so it’s hard,” and be specific about what you need help with.

In order to prevent her from feeling uncomfortable, it is also important to have multiple means of distraction on a daily basis and enjoy it. Relax with aromatherapy, drink herbal tea and find your favorite cafe… It is important to frequently incorporate these small ingenuity into your daily life in order to deal with mood swings.

In her long life, she has been swayed by the waves of her physical condition and has often been confused by changes in her life cycle. Each time, you will also experience her mood swings. In order to overcome such stress well, please try to make a habit of caring for yourself.