What are sleep-related qualifications?


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What are sleep-related qualifications

 There are qualifications and tests that can improve your knowledge about sleep, such as “sleep improvement instructor”, “sleep health instructor”, and “sleep test”. Once you learn it, you may find that you can enjoy sleeping more or find a way to solve your insomnia problem. I will explain each feature.

“Sleep” is something you can’t miss every day. If you are involved in sleep-related work such as bedding and relaxation, why not try to deepen your understanding of daily sleep? Knowing more about sleep makes sleeping even more enjoyable and makes it easier to solve sleep-related problems. This time, we will introduce the characteristics of two qualifications and one test related to sleep, the cost of taking the test, and the points to pass.

sleep improvement instructor

The Japan Sleep Improvement Council is an organization created to improve people’s sleep by disseminating specific knowledge and technology for obtaining comfortable sleep to the world. “ Sleep Improvement Instructor ” is a qualification certified by the Japan Sleep Improvement Council.

A sleep improvement instructor is expected to have correct knowledge of sleep based on scientific facts and to tailor it to each person who is dissatisfied with sleep. If you take the 3-day “ Sleep Improvement Instructor Training Course

” held by the Japan Sleep Improvement Counciland pass the certification exam on the final day, you can become a sleep improvement instructor. Training courses are held twice a year, with a capacity of about 40 people each time. The cost is 120,000 yen for the tuition fee and 10,000 yen for the certification fee. The contents of the lectures given in the sleep improvement instructor training course include general theory of sleep improvement, life phenomena during sleep, sleep and biorhythm, sleep environment, children and sleep, society and sleep, sleep disorders, sleep improvement technology, sleep consultation / evaluation techniques, etc. The lecturers are all top-level Japanese researchers on sleep, including Shuichiro Shirakawa, Chairman of the Japan Sleep Improvement Council. The text of the lecture is ” Basic Course Sleep Improvement Study ” edited by the Japan Sleep Improvement Council and published by Yumani Shobo. In addition, Iwanami Shinsho’s ” Recommendation for Comfortable Sleep ” (written by Tadao Hori) and Yumani Shobo’s ” Applied Course: Sleep Improvement Study ” will be used as supplementary readers. Reading these books before attending the course will give you a better understanding and make it easier to pass the certification exam. As a top qualification for a sleep improvement instructor, “

Sleep Improvement Senior Instructor ” and ” Advanced Sleep Improvement Instructor “. If you are interested, why not build up your track record as a sleep improvement instructor and give it a try?

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Sleep Health Instructor

What is a sleep health educator?
The “ Japan Sleep Education Organization ” was established in 2009 with the aim of contributing to the promotion of the health of the Japanese people by conveying correct knowledge about sleep to the general public . “ Sleep Health Instructor ” is a qualification certified by the Japan Sleep Education Organization. Sleep health instructors are expected to convey the importance of proper sleep knowledge to people close to them. If you take a six-hour beginner sleep health instructor training course

held by the Japan Sleep Education Organization and pass the certification exam after the course, you can become a ” beginner sleep health instructor “. Courses are held several times a year. The cost is 22,000 to 5,000 yen for the general public and 11,000 to 4,000 yen for students. The certification period is 3 years. The contents of the lectures given in the introductory course on sleep include basic knowledge of sleep, sleep and the environment, points for sleep health, and cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia. Lecturers are mainly professors from universities conducting sleep research, and top-level researchers in Japan. There is an Advanced Sleep Health Instructor qualification as a higher qualification for sleep health instructor beginners . This is awarded after taking the two and a half day Advanced Sleep Health Educator training course and passing the certification exam. Advanced lectures cover topics such as sleep and chronobiology, dream meaning, power naps, sleep for the elderly and children, and sleep and work. The tuition fee is 54,000 to 7,000 yen for students, 108,000 to 111,000 yen for the general public, and 87,000 to 90,000 yen for beginners certified as sleep health instructors. The certification period is 3 years.

sleep test

What is a sleep assay?
The “ Sleep Test ” is a test conducted by the Japan Sleep Education Organization , which certifies the sleep health instructors introduced above . In order to disseminate accurate knowledge about sleep, this sleep test evaluates the level of knowledge about sleep learned from books and the Internet. There are introductory version and level 3 to 1

in the sleep test . In the introductory part, general knowledge level about sleep is asked. It is the level of the “Introduction to Sleep Handbook” sold by the Japan Sleep Education Organization and the column of the Sleep Health University. Grade 3 is the scientific basic level of sleep, Grade 2 is the scientific basics of sleep and the application and guidance level of sleep knowledge, and Grade 1 is the major sleep disorders, how to prevent them, and the effects and precautions of sleeping pills. Includes knowledge level. Sleep tests are available online. The exam consists of 10 to 80 x-style questions, and the time limit is 5 to 40 minutes. A passing score is 80% or more.