Trauma from tragic news reports and videos, protect children’s hearts


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Trauma from tragic news reports and videos

Even adults find it difficult to look directly at tragic images of disasters and wars. Small children may receive a strong shock from images such as news. From the perspective of a psychological counselor, we will tell you how to care for children’s minds and how to interact with news programs that you want to think about as a family.

What effect do movies have on people’s minds? Trauma from tragic news

The news that informs us of the devastation that covers our eyes, such as corona, war, and earthquake, is reported every day. Watching the news is important for learning about the world and facing the reality of society. On the other hand, images also carry the risk of having unexpected effects on people’s minds.

Trauma is the emotional trauma caused by experiencing a tragic event and receiving a strong shock . . By indirectly witnessing the scene through a video, etc., it can cause emotional instability similar to trauma.

Children, in particular, cannot digest shock as well as adults. Therefore, the impact of trauma on children is greater than adults can imagine, and they can suffer from past events for decades.

Therefore, it is important not to expose children to tragic scenes as much as possible. Most of the news is aimed at adults, and tragic images and painful information are reported as they are, so it is necessary to take into account the fear that children feel and provide appropriate care.

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Minimize viewing of tragic scenes … It is important to reassure children’s minds

Watching news programs that use images with a sense of urgency is a valuable opportunity to learn about reality. However, the tragic scene instantly captures people’s eyes, so while the image is playing, adults and children tend to be unable to take their eyes off the image.

With this in mind, if you are watching the news with your child and see a tragic image that your young mind cannot digest, it is also important to turn off the TV at that time. Avoid exposing young children to violent images or traumatic scenes.

If a child is frightened by what they see, a nearby adult should give them a hug. Even short images can shock children more than adults. It’s important to reassure them immediately so that they don’t feel as anxious as possible.

Say something like, “I was so scared of TV these days. This alone can calm the child’s mind and soften the shock.

What adults should do when children watch TV and the Internet

There is one more important thing. It means “watch the news with adults”. When showing the news to children, it is often difficult for them to understand the news as it is, so it is meaningful to talk with them about their feelings and thoughts. Talking with adults is very important in order to develop the ability to think deeply about the world in slightly older children.

Also, when using content for kids on the Internet, it is important to limit their use, preferably under the supervision of an adult.

If a child sees a tragic image alone without an adult nearby, the child will be terrified and helpless.

If your child will be alone in the living room during the day, it’s a good idea to keep the TV remote out of reach. Then, once your child has grown to a certain age, decide together with him/her how to watch the news. Then, the child will be able to persuade themselves and protect their hearts, and they will also be able to think about how to interact with news and images to grow their hearts.