How to Spend Your Depression Leave: Things You Shouldn’t Do While Recuperating at Home


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How to Spend Your Depression Leave Things You Shouldn't Do While Recuperating at Home

If you become depressed due to work stress or overwork, you may be able to take a leave of absence from work to recover and receive medical treatment at home. It is important not to seek productivity or efficiency while on leave, but to act with an open mind. It is forbidden to push yourself into thoughts and actions while you are on leave, saying, “At least about the house,” or “I have to study for my return to work.” We will explain what you should not do while recuperating at home and how to spend your time off from work.

From work stress and overwork to depression… Don’t be impatient if you take a leave of absence

Depression is a state of depression that lasts most of the day and makes it impossible to do things that you used to be interested in. The key to treatment is to take medications such as antidepressants and get plenty of rest away from stress. I think that many people who are working take a break from work for several months at home to rest.

However, if a person who has been busy with work suddenly takes a leave of absence, they may not know what to do. People who were overworked may still worry about things like, “What will happen to the work I left behind at the company?” Even if it is called recuperation, there may be people who feel like they have nothing to do if they just spend the whole day at home.

Under such circumstances, I feel restless and restless, and I feel impatience that I cannot help but do something. I started redecorating my room because I was at home, started going to the gym to train my body and regain my health, and started studying for qualifications so that I wouldn’t have to worry about returning to work. Some people try to do all these things and try to fill the time they have on leave.

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Do what you want to do and avoid doing what you have to do as much as possible

However, what I must keep in mind while on leave of absence due to depression is the principle that I will do what I want to do and avoid doing what I have to do as much as possible .

People who work and develop depression in the first place are often overwhelmed by the pressure of “I have to do it” and feel exhausted. Immediately after taking a leave of absence, many people are stuck in this overworked mindset, creating unnecessary goals and trying to keep busy to fill their free time.

The time off from work due to depression is just a time to relax and take it easy on your brain. If you create your own “stress seeds”, there is no point in recuperating.

What to do when you feel impatience

Of course, you can go if you want to do it. I want to enjoy a relaxing time in a comfortable room. I want to move my body and refresh myself at the gym. I want to enjoy my study time. I think that such an activity is something I really want to do.

However, even if you start thinking that you want to do it at first, it may be replaced by a sense of urgency that you have to do it. As a result, you will not be satisfied with small achievements, and you will set high goals for even greater achievements, and as a result, you will push yourself to the limit.

For example, “I’m going to clean the house thoroughly at this time,” “I’ll increase the load and build more muscle strength,” and “I’ll study 5 hours a day so that I can get the qualification by the end of this year.” You can leave it to the excess time and impose high hurdles on yourself one after another, which can lead to exhaustion.

The trick to recuperating from depression is “to spend time generously without seeking goals or productivity”

During a leave of absence due to depression, it is necessary to spend time without imposing goals on yourself and without thinking about productivity and efficiency . The reason why I’m tired to the point of sickness is that I was pushing myself with the idea of ​​”I have to” (“Don’t complain,” “Don’t fall behind,” etc.). I have a lot of things to do. In order to get rid of mental fatigue, it is necessary to free yourself from such thoughts and act with a relaxed attitude.

Get up early in the morning and get some sunshine. Eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of protein and vitamins, not too much carbohydrates. When you feel like it, go out and take a walk (even if you’re shopping). Take prescribed medicines and go to bed at a certain time. Other than following these basic lifestyle habits, we have adopted the idea that “it’s okay not to do anything you don’t have to do” and “it’s okay to spend your time doing nothing” , and have a relaxing time. Experience is necessary during treatment.

It is very important to try not to push yourself while you are on sick leave. In the first place, you are taking a leave of absence to rest your mind, so don’t push yourself with the feeling of “I have to do it” and wait for a natural recovery while spending your time with an open mind.