5 points of “watching technology” to prevent family depression


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watching technology to prevent family depression

The home is an important place to heal the stress you receive in society and restore your energy. That’s why it’s important to watch over your family from a safe distance when you see them in a difficult situation. Here are 5 simple yet difficult points for how to properly watch over your family.

Home and family are a place to relieve stress and regain energy

Home is a place where you can relieve the stress outside your home and regain your energy and smile. The moment when you feel happy may be the “warm feeling” that you feel vaguely in your heart. So what does it take for each member of the family to experience this warm and happy feeling at home?

One of them is ” watching technology” . “What kind of action does it take to watch over?” “I’m worried that I might overlook it even though I intend to watch over it.” Many people may feel this way.

“Mimamori” means to wait for a while while praying for the other person’s safety. And when you sense danger, you should act to protect your opponent immediately.

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Five points of “watching technology” necessary for families

In order for families to protect each other’s happiness, how should we demonstrate “watching technology”? I would like to recommend that you help each other by referring to the following five points.

1. Observe every day for any differences from your “usual state” Observe
each other to see if there seems to be any change in your physical condition or if you are stressed out, and try to notice subtle changes. The following four points are particularly important.

  • Changes in appearance in the morning: Difficulty waking up, no appetite, showing a tired face
  • Change in time to go home: Coming home late, reluctance to say the reason for coming home late
  • Changes in sleep: going to bed later, waking up many times during the night
  • Changes in holidays… Taking long naps, no longer wanting to go out even when invited

2. Talk to them when they are feeling down and tell
them how they have changed When you feel the changes above, talk to them as much as possible. “You seem to have a hard time waking up in the morning. Are you tired?” This is a good way to communicate the changes you’re seeing and the concerns you’re feeling.

This will make it easier for the person to become aware of their own fatigue and stress, and it will be easier for them to confide in their painful feelings. However, if the person does not want to say anything, it is also important not to force it. If you leave it alone for a while, and when you realize that you are worried about it again, I think you will be able to talk about your feelings when you feel that the person wants to confide.

3. Think about what you can do to make yourself feel
better Don’t make plans to eat out or travel without listening to your family. It would be a good idea to make time for the person to feel better and rest their body in their daily life.

For example, if they look tired and tired, do more housework yourself to reduce their burden. If he wants to spend some quiet time alone, you can leave the house during the day off and spend some time alone in the living room.

In this way, just by feeling and caring, the person’s feelings will be at rest.

4. Prepare something that makes the person feel a little brighter
If you feel depressed, it is one way to prepare a little something that makes you feel a little brighter.

For example, while shopping, buy a small bouquet and brighten up the dining table. Line up your favorite menu items. I’ll give you some tea while you’re relaxing. I think that if you show a little kindness like this, the person’s feelings will become a little brighter and become a little more energetic.

5. Minimize your own enjoyment and maintain a comfortable distance between
yourself and your family. . Then, I think it will be easier to notice the support that the person wants.

On the other hand, when the distance gets too close, they both hold their breath. You don’t have to be by my side 24/7. I think it’s a good idea to patiently get involved while maintaining a good sense of distance so as not to burden the person’s feelings.

Everyone visits when things are bad. In such a case, having your family watch over you at a safe distance can give you peace of mind. Spend each other freely in good times, and be your best ally in hard times. In order to protect the happiness of each family, why don’t you demonstrate this kind of “watching technology”?