3 types of personality that can be understood by how to choose clothes


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3 types of personality that can be understood by how to choose clothes

 It is said that how to choose clothes when buying clothes depends on each person’s sense of superiority. There are three types of sense of superiority, but what are the characteristics of how to choose clothes for each type? Grasp your sense of superiority and deepen your understanding of yourself by choosing the clothes that are closest to you. It is useful to know the characteristics of the three senses of superiority in order to facilitate human relationships.

How do you decide when to buy clothes? Shopping shows a sense of superiority

“That person can decide everything quickly, so why does it take me so long to decide?”
“I can make decisions quickly, but I have many regrets

. Don’t you ever get depressed when you compare the differences between yourself and others? If so, it may be easier to understand the “sense of superiority” that each person has.

The three senses that humans use as cues for cognition are “sight,” “hearing,” and “physical sensation.” Among these, the main sense used is called the “sensation of dominance,” and individuality is greatly influenced by this “sense of dominance.”

What is your sense of superiority? One of the clues to this is “clothes shopping”. This is because even if it seems that the selection is made unconsciously, it is often based on one of the three dominant senses of sight, hearing, and physical sensation, such as color, material, the words of the store clerk, and the texture. .

Let’s take a look at the characteristics of choosing clothes for each of the three senses of superiority. In order to help you understand the difference, please understand that some of the expressions are somewhat overstated.

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Visually superior person……Purchase by imagining “I am wearing” from the color and design

The visually dominant type chooses clothes based on their image based on color and design.First of all, people of the visually dominant type. This type of person is the type that prefers to think of images in images and videos when deciding things.

Therefore , when I look at clothes, I am first attracted to their colors, shapes, and designs, and when I look at the display, I instantly get an image of myself wearing them . Therefore, if you think it’s “nice”, you can shop without hesitation. It is also a characteristic of people with superior visual perception that they fall in love at first sight at a store and make an impulse purchase, or are able to make a purchase after seeing an image on the Internet.

However, after purchasing it, you may find that it is different from the initial image, and you may regret it, thinking, “Why did I buy such clothes?”

Hearing dominant person……Gather information, calculate and buy clothes

Hearing dominant types shop based on information
Next, people of hearing dominant type. This type of person is good at processing auditory information and is good at thinking logically.

Therefore, when shopping, we focus on “information” related to the product . What is the brand, what is the material, what is the point recommended by the store clerk, and what is the cost performance?

There may not be a big failure because you think carefully before purchasing. However, since we give priority to thoughts rather than excitement, there may be times when you feel like “I bought it because I was satisfied with it, but for some reason I don’t enjoy wearing it.”

People who have superior physical sensations……Purchase while confirming comfort and fit

Body sense dominant type, try on many times to check the comfort
 The last is a person who has a superior sense of physical sensation type. This type of person emphasizes the sense of touch and conformity to the body. Therefore, when buying clothes, we carefully check the texture and fit . So try on a few before considering buying.

Once you find a comfortable piece of clothing, you will likely use it for a long time and continue to wear it with care. However, I’m worried that shopping will take too long, walking around the store until I find the one I want.

You can’t be satisfied with clothes that you can’t convince with a sense of superiority. Therefore, you may go straight to the second-hand flea market site?
Which type of sensory dominance do you have: visual, auditory, or bodily sensation? I myself am a physical sensory type. This is because when I buy clothes, I try them on many times to check the fit. It takes time to buy, but once you get the clothes you like, just wearing them fills your heart.

However, it’s not easy to come across such clothes, so I usually wear makeshift clothes and walk around looking for something that I’m comfortable with.

Life becomes more fun when you accept the difference in your sense of superiority!

The sense of superiority differs from person to person. If you understand the differences between people, you will also understand how to make the most of your own and others’ individuality.
As you can see from the example of shopping, people’s thinking and actions are greatly influenced by their “sense of superiority” without realizing it . Of course, I make full use of the remaining two senses to make comprehensive judgments, but the sense of superiority is what I use first when making quick decisions.

If you often worry about yourself and your relationships with others, it may be a good idea to start by knowing your sense of superiority. There is no superiority or inferiority among the three senses. There is no such thing as which senses are better or which ones should be enhanced. Rather, making the most of the sense of superiority of oneself and others is the secret to accepting oneself and becoming friends with others.

Knowing the difference in the sense of superiority will help you realize your own “likeness” and recognize the “likeness” of others. You will find your life and relationships much more enjoyable.