Three ways to overcome appearance complex


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Three ways to overcome appearance complex

If you have a complex about your appearance, such as your face or style, and feel that you can’t like yourself, it is also important to look back on your own thinking. I will explain three points that I would like you to refer to in order to get along with your body while understanding your own mind that is particular about appearance.

There is no limit to improving your appearance! How to hold your heart so that you don’t regret it

I told you about the points to ease yourself who are not confident in your appearance in the article ” I’m not confident in my face / appearance … How to get rid of the appearance complex? ” This time, I would like to explain the theme of mental management that you should keep in mind when working on improving your appearance.

In fact, when it comes to improving appearance, there is no end to it. If you improve one part, you will start to worry about other parts, and you will want to work on them one after another. In this way, by investing money and energy one after another in cosmetics, medical care, salons, diets, etc., you may lose balance in your life.

If you want to polish your appearance, it is important to face the state of your mind. As specific points, I would like you to be aware of the following three points.

1. Take care of your face and body and have a conversation with yourself!

“I don’t like myself”… I don’t think I can be satisfied forever even if I try to improve my appearance from that thought. This is because the appearance has a “personality” to it.

In order to “love yourself,” it is necessary to look positively at your “self” and think about how to make use of it. For that reason, it is very important to appreciate “myself who is working hard every day”. While placing your hands on your face and body, gently say to yourself, “Thank you for your hard work today.”

Then, “If you look closely at my face, it may look familiar”, “My skin is brown rather than black. That’s why I look healthy.” It gives you an opportunity to love yourself. In this way, I think that when you have a long dialogue with your own body, you will feel that you want to make the most of your uniqueness.

2. Let’s discover the “attraction” from the complex!

If your “strengths” are difficult to understand, it might be a good idea to look at your “complexes” from a different direction. A characteristic that can only be seen as a “disadvantage” can become a “strength” if you look at it from a different perspective.

For example, in recent years, gray hair has come to be called “grey hair”, and more and more people believe that it is a value of aging. For years, gray hair has been a part of aging that many women have tried to hide. However, the idea of ​​using it as a symbol of aging charm is spreading, and more and more people are trying to enjoy the beauty of their hair turning white.

In this way, positively re-evaluating the part that you felt “complex” is an important perspective for discovering your charm. Thinking only about getting rid of complexes may be the same as erasing individuality. By all means, let’s think about whether the parts that you think are complex can be turned into “strengths”.

3. Find your own identity in the compliments!

Looking at yourself negatively doesn’t help you see your strengths. This is because people are prone to a biased way of thinking called “confirmation bias”.

“Confirmation bias” is the habit of collecting only information that matches your beliefs. For example, a person who thinks that he is ugly cannot believe his words, no matter how many people praise him for his charm points. On the contrary, just being criticized once will strengthen the proof that “I am ugly after all”.

In order not to be swayed by confirmation bias, it is important to accept the words honestly when others praise you. “Slitted eyes look intelligent.” In this way, when people notice good things in others, they often tell us in words.

Write down the compliments in your notebook. Even if you don’t believe it at the time, as you accumulate notes, you’ll come to realize that the point of being praised by others is your charm.

If you don’t like the way you look and want to improve it, I urge you to think about these three points. I think that even if you just put it in a corner of your head, you will understand how to make use of it.