NG sleep habits that people in their 40s should stop now


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NG sleep habits that people in their 40s should stop now

 People who were able to stay up late or stay up all night in their 20s and 30s will no longer be able to work hard in their 40s. Not only physical strength and resilience, but also sleep power declines, so it is possible to fall into a vicious cycle in which physical strength that should be recovered during sleep does not recover. First of all, if you have a habit of staying up all night, stop now and secure the sleep time you need to maintain your health.

Staying up all night and staying up late is difficult… physical strength, resilience, and sleep ability decline with age

People in their 20s and 30s who were fine with staying up all night or staying up late seem to find it increasingly difficult as they age. This is unavoidable because physical strength and resilience decline with age. Skipping sleep is inherently not a good thing, but it will lead to a state where you can’t force yourself.

Physical fitness is not the only thing that declines with age. Sleeping power tends to fall, and it is often difficult to get good quality deep sleep. When the quality of sleep declines, the secretion of growth hormones and other substances decreases, further delaying mental and physical recovery. Many people also tend to go to bed early and wake up early as they age, which also makes it difficult to stay up late. Instead, many people seem to be good at getting up early.

Sleep deprivation increases mortality by 1.6 times? Relationships with obesity, lifestyle-related diseases, and cancer risk

Long-term sleep deprivation increases the risk of obesity and lifestyle-related diseases such as hypertension, dyslipidemia, and diabetes. Middle-aged and elderly people who haven’t had enough sleep since they were young should be careful.

You might be wondering why sleep deprivation and obesity are related, but first, it’s simply because you’re awake longer because you’re not getting enough sleep, which makes you feel hungry more often and eat more. is mentioned. Furthermore, if sleep deprivation continues, the brain will believe that it is in a “crisis situation”, so it will try to store the calories ingested in fat cells. On the other hand, if your body feels sluggish due to lack of sleep, you will exercise less and consume fewer calories. Increased calorie intake and decreased calorie expenditure result in obesity.

In normal people, blood pressure drops slightly during sleep. And when you wake up in the morning, your blood pressure rises in preparation for the day’s activities. However, if the quality of sleep is poor, blood pressure does not drop during sleep, and blood pressure rises after waking up, resulting in higher than normal blood pressure. Staying up all night raises blood pressure by about 10mmHg.

Studies in the United States and elsewhere have shown that poor sleep conditions increase the risk of breast, prostate, and colon cancers. Melatonin, also known as the sleep hormone, is partly a sex hormone. Therefore, it is thought that irregular sleep or short sleep duration alters the amount and secretion pattern of melatonin, and increases the incidence of breast cancer and prostate cancer, which are closely related to sex hormones.

There is also a relationship between sleep duration and mortality. A Japanese study found that people who slept less than 4.5 hours had a 1.62-fold higher mortality rate in men and 1.60-fold in women than those who slept 7 hours.

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What people in their 40s should keep in mind when sleeping …… First of all, secure 6 to 8 hours of sleep

It is said that we live in an age of 100 years, but first of all, let’s decide where to put our life goals. Some people have specific career dreams, some want to live a fulfilling private life and want to grow old in good health without getting sick, and some want to enjoy their lives after retiring from work.

Either way, getting enough sleep is very important if you want to reach your long-term goals.

And since sleep ability declines with age, it is necessary to review lifestyle habits and prepare the bedroom environment to get a good night’s sleep.

Improving the quality of sleep you want to start today! Turn off your smartphone early

Staying up all night or staying up late may be difficult even if you suddenly try to quit. First of all, let’s make a living habits one by one from what you can do.

In particular, people who watch electronic media such as smartphones in bed before going to bed tend to fall asleep and have poor sleep quality. First of all, from tonight, please do your best not to look at your smartphone or PC after 30 minutes before going to bed. You should be able to sleep better than usual and feel refreshed when you wake up. Let’s make a life rhythm and sleep environment from what we can.