Layer it on your mattress for a more comfortable sleep!


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Layer it on your mattress for a more comfortable sleep!

 I can’t sleep well because the bedding doesn’t fit. But I don’t want to buy a new bed or futon… Do you have such a problem? This time, I will explain the “overlay mattress” that can easily improve the comfort of sleeping just by putting it on the futon or mattress you are currently using. You can easily get the comfort of a soft bed like a movie, Tempur, and a high-resilience mattress.

What is an overlay mattress that changes the comfort of your futon?

Change the quality of your sleep just by reviewing your beddingThe pillows don’t fit well, the futon is hard and uncomfortable, and when I wake up my back hurts… Inappropriate bedding reduces the quality of sleep.

In particular, large bedding such as futons, beds, and mattresses are difficult to replace. There may be a lot of people who put up with bedding that doesn’t fit. This time, as a sleep item that may be able to solve such a situation, we will explain the “overlay mattress” that can easily improve the comfort of sleeping just by putting it on your own futon or mattress.

You can try a completely different sleeping comfort, from a soft bed like a movie, to a hard-to-reach Tempur, and a high-resilience mattress that naturally fits the curve of your spine and lower back.

” Danfill / Fiber Overlay ” that makes a soft and fluffy bed like a movie come true

I want to sleep in a soft bed like in a Hollywood movie! For those people, the Danfill overlay is for you.

The Fiber fiber used for the batting is the world’s first fiber that realizes the feeling of feathers with specially processed polyester. It is said that they are more fluffy than real feathers.

In addition, it is washable and easy to maintain, and since it is made of a material that does not easily sag, it maintains the same comfort no matter how many times it is washed. When washing, put it in a net and do not use fabric softener. If you find it difficult to wash your clothes at home, use a commercial laundry or a full wash service.

■ Danfill/Fiber Overlay Single 
Product Specifications
Color Pattern: White
Materials: Lining Cotton (downproof processing), Filling Polyester (Trevirafil-Fiber)
Size: W100 x D200cm
Weight: Body approx. 2,650g, Filling approx. 1,800g
Planning: Denmark
Production: China
Price: ¥14,751
Shipping: Free

” Tempur / Topper Deluxe 3.5 Mattress ” for easy and luxurious sleep

I don’t want to change the bed or futon I’ve been using, but I want to enjoy the comfort of Tempur.

The Tempur/Topper Deluxe 3.5 Mattress is the answer to that luxury desire .

The original Tempur was developed in 1970 by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). It was an excellent material that could soften the strong impact on astronauts during rocket launch, but at first it was only possible to produce it on a small scale.

In 1991, when mass production began, it revolutionized pillows and bedding. We now have a wide range of mattresses.

The Tempur/Topper Deluxe 3.5 Mattress is used on top of your existing futon or mattress. With a thickness of only 3.5 cm, it can be folded or rolled up for storage.

■ Tempur/Topper Deluxe 3.5 Mattress Single
Product Specifications
Material: Body: Urethane foam, Cover: Cotton/Polyester
Size: W97 x D195 x H35cm
Weight: 8.6kg
Country of Origin: Denmark
Price: 36,500 yen
Shipping: Free

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” Maniflex/High Resi lience Bed Pad Ergo Topper ” that maintains the same posture as standing posture

Memory foam mattresses can change surface hardness as temperature changes. In extreme cases, it becomes “tick in winter, squishy in summer”.

In that respect, the world-patented high-density polyurethane foam “Eliocell” has ideal elasticity and resilience, so it always keeps the same state almost regardless of temperature changes.

When you lie down, it naturally fits the curve of your spine and lower back, allowing you to maintain your ideal sleeping posture. In addition, since it can be folded, it is a Japan-only model that can be easily stored in a closet.

The global environment is also taken into consideration. In 1974, Maniflex acquired the international standard “Okotex Standard 100”, which proves that it is friendly to humans and the environment.

Maniflex /high resilience Bed pad Ergo topper Single
product specifications
Materials: Core Eliocell/Eriofiber, Side fabric Polyester/Viscose, Lining Polyester/Cotton
Size: W98 x D196 x H4cm
Weight: 1.7kg
Country of origin: Italy
Price: 18,684 Yen
Shipping fee: Free

For futons and mattresses that are difficult to replace, if you use products like the overlay mattress introduced this time, it will be relatively easy to find the one that suits you. Please find the best bedding that will improve the quality of your sleep.