How to sleep comfortably in a car


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How to sleep comfortably in a car

Easy and economical overnight stay in the car. Whether it is a light car or a regular car, it is important to ensure the quality of sleep and not affect the next day’s driving when sleeping in a limited space. We will introduce how to sleep comfortably in your car, such as how to choose a parking place for your car and how to create a space for sleeping.

How to sleep comfortably in a car? Car points where you can stay in the car

In the past, many people thought of camping in a car when they thought of staying in a car. However, nowadays, it seems that more and more people are enjoying sleeping in cars.

Considering the size, it can be said that it is suitable for sleeping in the car because it is wide vertically and horizontally if it is a normal passenger car. We especially recommend a car that becomes flat when the seat is folded down. Even if the front and back are a little narrow, you can stretch your legs and sleep if you can use the trunk effectively.

Even in a light car with a compact interior, it is possible to stay in the car. However, considering that the width required for each person to roll over is 80 cm to 1 m, it is not wide enough. If you can’t roll over enough, you’ll have a lack of sleep and it’s hard to get rid of your fatigue, which can make driving difficult. In the case of a light car, it is better to think that it is only for a short period of time and avoid staying in the car for a long time if possible۔

How to choose a place to sleep comfortably in a car

Avoid staying in the car on the riverbed
The important thing about sleeping in the car is how to choose a place to sleep. The car itself can be parked in parking lots at roadside stations, sightseeing spots, parking lots that are open at night, and vacant lots on the side of the road that are not privately owned.

It is best to avoid places where cars are coming in and out and people are walking in and out if they are likely to get in the way of other cars or people. This is because sleeping in the car is done by borrowing a little space that is not used at night. If the outside is noisy, the quality of sleep will also fall. However, it is better to avoid places where there is too little traffic of people or cars, considering the danger of being involved in an accident or incident.

Another, often overlooked, consideration is the distance from the restroom. If you wake up in the middle of the night and go to the toilet, park near the toilet. The shade of the trees in summer is cool and good during the day, but it can get dirty with nuts, tree sap, and bird droppings. Also, when birds are building their nests, they can be noisy from early in the morning, making it difficult to sleep.

Also, be careful when you park your car. If you lean sideways, you tend to lean low, and if you lean forward or backward, the blood rushes to your head and your face becomes swollen, and on the contrary, your head is too high, making it difficult to sleep.

Also, there is a risk of sudden flooding, so never stay in your car on the river bank when it is likely to rain. It’s easy to overlook, but even if it’s not raining where you are, it can be heavy upstream. The dam may release water and increase the water volume, so be careful of the siren that signals the release of water.

In the case of sleeping in the car in winter, it is necessary to consider snow and ice. Do not park under large roofs or steeply sloping roof eaves, as falling snow can damage or bury your car. When it is snowing, it is also important to choose a location that is easily accessible to roads that are cleared of snow. Areas where water easily accumulates at the bottom of slopes should be avoided as there is a high risk of freezing.

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Tips for creating a space that makes staying in the car more comfortable

How to sleep better in your car?
■ How to prepare a place to sleep
The biggest problem when sleeping in a car is the difference in level when the seat is folded down. Prepare a lot of blankets, towel blankets, bath towels, etc., and fill in the gaps and unevenness so that it is as flat as possible.

Use whatever you can get your hands on, like a small towel or a piece of clothing. You can use the space effectively by filling the foot of the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat with a cooler box or cardboard box.

Place a thick silver mat, a camping mattress, a mattress for sleeping in the car, cardboard, etc. under the body to increase cushioning and heat retention.

■ Blindfolding windows and measures against light when sleeping in the car
Window measures are important to protect privacy. The dedicated shades and curtains are the perfect size, so they can be easily installed, and it is also easy to cut the silver mat to fit the window and attach it with magnets or tape. If you can sew, you can enjoy making your own curtains. You can also cover the side windows with black plastic bags or towels, and put sun shades on the front and rear windows.

■Summer and winter sleeping in the car…Tips for adjusting the temperature
For comfortable sleeping in the car, it is important to control the temperature inside the car. In summer, it is better to choose a cool plateau or a coast without danger if possible. When parking in other places, I think it’s a good idea to use the air conditioning properly. If you sleep with the window slightly open, use screens, mosquito coils, and insect repellent spray to prevent mosquitoes, gnats, and other insects.

In winter, down or fleece is useful because it retains heat. If it’s cold, the general rule is to wear as many layers as you can. If you have a disposable body warmer or a hot water bottle filled with hot water and wrapped in a towel, you can sleep warmly. However, be careful not to burn yourself.

And of course, it is strictly prohibited to use small stoves or other fires in the car even if it is cold in winter. Risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. Also, don’t forget to turn off the engine before going to sleep when it snows. If you sleep with the engine running, snow will block the muffler during the night, causing the exhaust gas to flow back into the cabin and cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Don’t forget important manners for a fun overnight stay!

The magazine Kernel, which was previously published to enjoy sleeping in the car, has stipulated 10 Manners for Sleeping in the Car. Finally, let me introduce you to these manners.

  • Follow the rules where there are rules
  • Do not disturb people around you
  • Guess the intentions of the owner/manager of the place and take action accordingly
  • Be considerate of neighbors and passers-by
  • Let’s be considerate of people who enjoy sleeping in cars all over Japan
  • Be considerate of those who use it later.
  • Don’t forget to appreciate the people who allow you to stay in the car and provide convenience.
  • If you notice that you have violated manners or lacked manners, apologize honestly.
  • If you get lost or can’t decide, let’s stop for the time being
  • Share good things and happy things

Please enjoy a safe and enjoyable stay in the car without disturbing others and remembering to be grateful.