Spring drowsiness and sluggishness are hard… how to relieve drowsiness to enhance spring


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Spring drowsiness and sluggishness are hard… how to relieve drowsiness to enhance spring

 In the warm spring, no matter how much you sleep, you don’t get enough sleep. Actually, the drowsiness of spring can’t be helped from the mechanism of the body. There is also a survey result that 60% of people tend to feel sluggish in spring. For those who want to manage their drowsiness, here are some tips to help you wake up refreshed and change the sleepy and dull season into a fulfilling season.

Sleepiness is in full bloom in spring… 60% of people report feeling sluggish

The Ornithine Study Group, which promotes and raises awareness of ornithine, an amino acid that activates the function of the liver, surveyed the proportion of 400 men and women in their 20s to 50s nationwide who felt sluggish in the spring. There is a fact-finding survey.

According to the results of this survey, about 60% of the total people thought that “spring is the season when it is easy to feel sluggish,” and that percentage increased in proportion to age.

30’s should be noted. In this generation, women felt the least sluggish of all generations, while more men felt sluggish than other generations. Involuntarily, I want to cheer for “Ganbare boys in their 30s!”

The top causes of sluggishness were work for men and lack of sleep for women . In particular, 70% of women in their 20s answered that they lacked sleep. In addition, there were many men and women who raised relationships. It seems that the sluggishness of spring is not only due to the cheerfulness, but also the social environment has a great influence.

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Reasons for drowsiness in spring: Changes in melatonin, body temperature, and sympathetic nerves

Experiments in which the lights are adjusted in the laboratory to create summer conditions with long days and winter conditions with long nights have shown that the sleep-wake rhythm differs depending on the season .

In summer conditions, people go to bed and wake up earlier and their total sleep time is shorter. Many people suffer from chronic sleep deprivation, so sleep time is reduced and sleep deprivation becomes worse, resulting in increased sleepiness in the morning and during the day.

In addition, melatonin, also known as the sleep hormone, shifts to an earlier peak in winter and summer. Body temperature, which greatly affects sleep, also has the lowest time in the same way. In the autonomic nervous system, the sympathetic nervous system is active in the cold winter, but as the weather warms up, the parasympathetic nervous system becomes dominant.

In this way, when various rhythms in the body change, physical and mental disorders may occur until you get used to the new conditions . This is why spring not only makes us more drowsy, but also causes an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system and a stronger depression.

Climate change is also a big factor. Even people who wake up in the cold in the morning in the winter feel comfortable when the temperature in the bedroom reaches 15 to 20 degrees Celsius in the spring, and they oversleep or fall asleep again. A lot of things are combined to make spring drowsiness.

How to get rid of sleepiness in spring…from tips to power naps

Sleeping twice in the morning feels good, but it doesn’t help much with sleep deprivation because it only lasts for light sleep.

In that case, set the alarm clock at the last minute when you have to wake up, and kick the futon off when the alarm goes off . It’s still cool at dawn in spring, so I wake up with the cold.

Next, turn on the lights in your room and open the curtains to let the sun shine in . Light resets your body clock and signals the start of a new day.

Washing your face with cool water will help you feel less sleepy. However, the effect time is short, so take caffeine with coffee or tea . Eating breakfast wakes up the body clock in your stomach. Even if you have been going out without eating anything before, start by taking a small amount of something easy to eat, such as milk and a banana.

If you let your guard down, sleepiness will attack even during the day. In such a case, chew gum or walk nearby. Rhythmic exercise like this activates serotonergic nerves, which work to wake up the brain . If you feel sleepy while studying or working alone, chatting with other people can also help.

If you can’t beat the drowsiness, try to fall asleep. Call it a “power nap” instead of “drowsy, ” and you’ll feel less guilty. 10 to 20 minutes while sitting on a chair instead of lying downsleep only. Thinking about your current problem before you close your eyes can give you a good idea when you wake up. It’s called the Reminiscence Method , and Thomas Edison and Dr. Hideki Yukawa got their ideas from it.

Take advantage of the drowsiness of spring and spend a fulfilling time.