How to prevent intelligent people from regretting their stupidity


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How to prevent intelligent people from regretting their stupidity

Sometimes, calm and intelligent people make blunders that surprise others at drinking parties and in relationships. What kind of psychology is lurking there and what kind of countermeasures are necessary? The key point is the balance between “emotion” and “reason”.

“Why is that calm person!?”-Why intelligent people fall into stupidity

When an intelligent person encounters stress, he or she tends to analyze the causes and processes, rationalize and deal with them. On the other hand, it is also possible to repress honest feelings by relying too much on reason.

Then, even if you can deal with stress calmly, the repressed emotions may not be resolved, and the emotions may erupt for some reason. And you can fall into stupidity that surprises those around you, and as a result, you can commit a blunder.

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If you protect yourself with logic, your honest feelings will remain repressed

For example, if you fall in love and approach a person of the opposite sex, you are completely ignored and turned down in a roundabout way. At times like this, some people who rely on reasoning try to escape the stress of a broken heart by persuading themselves by reasoning, such as “It’s a waste of time to be swayed by love,” or “The opposite sex is only looking at the outside anyway.” You must to do something before you go on.

If you protect yourself with reason, you can avoid the risk of getting hurt. However, honest feelings such as “I like that person” and “I want to fall in love” are not satisfied and remain repressed. As a result, for example, when the restraint of reason is lost at a drinking party, the desire for love bursts out in an extreme form, sexually harassing behavior occurs, and when oneself is in a position of superiority Trying to satisfy the desire for love in a strange way … such a situation may occur.

Do you balance emotions and reason and express both honestly?

First of all, let’s look at the movement of the mind when encountering stressUnderstanding and processing things rationally is a necessary task in order to live in society. However, if you rely on that alone, you may find yourself feeling unsatisfied in an unexpected way, and you may end up regretting it.

The important thing is to strike a balance between emotion and reason, and to express both honestly . When you encounter stress, face your honest feelings and think about how to deal with it using reason .

In the previous example, when you are shocked by a broken heart, it is important not to use reasoning to escape from your honest feelings. First of all, try to face the sadness of being dumped. “My chest hurts” and “I’m so tired that I can’t sleep.” When you face your natural emotions, you can accept yourself for who you are. Then the wounds of the heart will be healed gently.

Once the emotional wounds have healed, consider rational and rational countermeasures

Once the emotional wounds have healed, the next thing you need to do is to think of rational and rational countermeasures.

Think about how you can recover from a breakup by reading stories of people who have experienced the same feelings in the same situation, and researching how they dealt with it afterwards. It’s also a good idea to start building yourself so that you can attack love with confidence by working hard to improve yourself and devising communication methods.

Skillful use of your powers of reason after your emotional wounds have healed can improve your ability to cope with stress and minimize the damage the next time you encounter similar stressors. And we can think of effective approaches to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

In particular, people who are trying to protect themselves with logic on a daily basis may have a strong tendency to suppress natural emotions and try to deal with things only in their heads. If you value the balance between emotions and reason and can express both honestly, you will be able to overcome difficult times without panicking .

First of all, why don’t you start by looking carefully at your emotions when you encounter some kind of stress?