How to cure May disease that you want to try from sleep


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How to cure May disease that you want to try from sleep

 After the new life season in April, May’s disease, which loses energy from the end of the consecutive holidays. The important thing in preventing and curing May disease is to adjust the basic biorhythm and prepare the physical condition from both sides of the mind and body. We will introduce points to review the basic sleep and wakefulness, and simple tips for daily life to adjust the biological rhythm.

Lifestyle Rhythm and Sufficient Sleep Essential for May Disease Prevention and Countermeasures

I don’t know the energy, and my feelings don’t float… May disease is painful enough to go to the hospital. First, let’s try what we can do ourselvesAlthough the environment changed drastically in April, I worked hard, but after Golden Week, I lost my energy and didn’t want to go back to work or school. It is not an official disease name, and in most cases it is mild and resolves on its own . It is necessary to maintain both mental and physical health in order to prevent May disease and to treat mild May disease. In terms of mental health, it is important not to work too hard, not to worry alone, and to maintain communication with those around you. In terms of physical health , it is recommended to lead a regular life, eat a well-balanced diet, and get enough sleep .

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Biological rhythms, how to sleep to improve your physical condition, tips for daily life

Take a nap even when you have a little time to spareBody temperature and blood pressure rise and fall during the day, and change with a rhythm. Our bodies are said to have more than 200 biorhythms.

The rhythm of sleep and wakefulness is one of them, and it has a great influence on other biorhythms. If you sleep well, your biorhythm will normalize and your physical condition will be adjusted.

First of all, let’s review and improve the basics of daily sleep and lifestyle habits as the easiest and most effective countermeasure against May disease by yourself.

■Keep the wake-up time as constant as possible

A day in the human body clock is about 25 hours, which is slightly longer than a day on the earth. By waking up at the same time each day, your body clock is aligned with the Earth’s 24-hour clock.

■Exposure to sunlight when you wake up When exposed to

strong light, your internal clock is reset and a new day begins. If you’re indoors, try to get some sunlight by a window, or if possible, go outside.

■Eating breakfast

The stomach also has a body clock called the “belly clock”. When food stimulates the gastrointestinal tract, the stomach clock also wakes up. At least take a banana and milk.

■Stay active during the day

If you lose concentration, take a walk outside. Rhythmic exercise activates serotonergic neurons that wake up the brain.

■Take a nap of no more than 20 minutes by

3:00 pm It is natural to feel sleepy in the early afternoon, judging from your biorhythm. If you sleep without fighting your drowsiness, you will be more efficient at work and study in the afternoon.

■Alcohol, caffeine, and meals at least 3 hours before bedtime

I can’t sleep soundly with a burden on my body. If you eat dinner late at night, divide it into two meals, one in the evening and one at midnight.

■Take a bath one hour before going to bed Taking a bath
to relax your mind and body will help you fall asleep better. Soak in lukewarm water at 38-40 degrees Celsius for 20-30 minutes. A half bath is also effective.

■Stop checking your computer, TV or emails before going to bed

Light from the screen reduces sleepiness. Checking work-related emails has the same wakefulness effect as two cups of espresso coffee.

■Keep your bedroom dark and quiet

If you’re worried about pitch blackness, turn on a miniature light bulb footlight. Good use of small items such as eye masks and ear plugs will help you sleep better.

■Don’t worry when you’re in the futon

Even if you’re worried and worried about sleepiness, the problem won’t be solved. Write down your worries on paper and come up with a solution the next morning with a clear head.