Harassment of Spartan power harassment guidance!


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Harassment of Spartan power harassment guidance!

If you receive too harsh reprimands and instructions, you will be so scared that you will not be able to make calm decisions. This is thought to be related to the function of the brain’s amygdala. We will explain why you should not give power harassment guidance and strict discipline, and the consultation desk when you are victimized.

Inciting fear to make people do what they say” is not an appropriate teaching method

Have you ever been instructed while being frightened by harsh words? For example:

“Do you know what will happen if you don’t listen to what I
If you fail, you won’t have a seat!” When

I hear these words, I feel like I have no choice but to do what I’m told. Because you feel the danger of being cut off from your potential, career, and life security.

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When the brain’s “amygdala” is overactive, it becomes impossible to make calm decisions

So why is it that when people are given fear, they are unable to make calm decisions? The key to solving this mystery lies in the part of the brain called the amygdala. The amygdala is a collection of nerve cells inside the temporal lobe of the brain. It instantly assesses life-sustaining hazards and processes emotional reactions such as fear. Therefore, it is also called the “danger alarm function” in the brain.

For example, when you suddenly come across a person or animal on the street at night, you will be attacked by fear and be prepared. This is a defense reaction by the amygdala sensing danger and issuing an alarm.

Because the amygdala is functioning normally, it is possible to escape from the danger in front of you and take a fighting posture against an attacking opponent. However, if this brain alarm is working all the time, the “rational judgment” that is in charge of the prefrontal cortex of the cerebrum becomes difficult to work.

When the function of the prefrontal cortex of the cerebrum weakens, it becomes impossible to make rational decisions.

The prefrontal cortex of the cerebrum is responsible for human emotions, thoughts, and actions. Be calm, think and deal with things rationally, use abstract thinking and creativity, and empathize with other people’s feelings. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for these complex and sophisticated emotions, thoughts, and actions.

By enhancing the function of this prefrontal cortex, people will be able to develop their talents and be able to engage in creative, intellectual, and human activities. However, if the amygdala is stimulated and the alarm in the brain is activated too much, the function of the prefrontal cortex cannot be fully demonstrated.

For those of us who live in modern Japan, events that put our lives in danger do not happen so often. However, if fear is repeatedly given to us by words and actions, and the alarm in the brain of the amygdala is activated frequently, we will always feel like we are living side by side with danger.

Harmful effects of too strict instruction and discipline……The younger the age, the more serious the damage to the brain

The younger you are, the more severe the impact of fear on your brain. Severe abuse causes brain atrophyThis is the reason why abuse, corporal punishment, bullying, and power harassment are said to be “absolutely unacceptable.” This is because if you continue to receive too strict guidance that arouses fear, it will damage your brain and hinder your ability to perform .

The damage that fear does to the brain is more acute in childhood. According to a study by Professor Akemi Tomoda of the University of Fukui and others, those who underwent severe corporal punishment in their childhood showed atrophy in part of the prefrontal cortex of the cerebrum, and multiple other areas of the brain, compared to those who did not. It was found that the normal growth of the body part was also inhibited (*).

Reasons why overly strict guidance does not go away, and where to consult when victims

Many of those who give terror-inducing guidance have absolute power within the group, and are in a position where it is difficult for victims and those around them to point out excessive guidance. Therefore, it is thought that it is difficult for them to be aware of the violence of their own behavior, and their attacks escalate. Therefore, it is considered unfair to ask people who continue to receive terrifying guidance only to seek voluntary solutions.

Therefore, when a victim feels that he or she is suffering from excessively strict guidance, it is important to confide in someone with whom they can talk without having to deal with it alone, and to think about it together. There are local health consultation counters such as health centers and public health centers for family problems, school counselors and student counseling offices for student concerns, and workplace consultation counters and local labor consultation counters for power harassment.

However, it may be very difficult for the person himself to go to the above consultation counter alone. If you see people around you looking distressed, I think it will be necessary to talk to each other, empathize with your feelings, and connect them to a consultation desk.