How to stop glasses from leaving marks on nose


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stop glasses from leaving marks on nose

For those of us who wear glasses for a long time, we may have to face the dreaded consequences of these nose bridge tracks. If you are not familiar with the way in which the nose cushions of glasses leave on your nose bridge, consider yourself happiness! Unfortunately this is always a problem that many people have, and this article is intended to help you repair these elderly people from boring skin.
Before we jump into the remedies for nose bridge indexes, we have to discuss the reasons why the nose cushions of these glasses of traces are left on your nose bridge.

Why Do Glasses Nose Pads Leave Marks on Your Nose Bridge?

Believe it or not, the glasses are not allowed to make these markings on your skin at all. The purpose of these nose pads is to help your glasses comfortably adjust to your face without constantly pushing them.
Neither should your glasses be so tight that they leave in the side of your head. If they are ignored, these withdrawals can cause long -term pain, such as headache. If you notice that you have numbers, this is a revealing sign that your glasses do not match correctly.
Here are some other reasons why the pads cause markings on your face:
• Glasses are not the right adjustment. The frames are adjusted on the face after what a three -point adjustment is called – your glasses may only touch above each ear, then on the bridge of the nose.
• The glasses are not equal. When you set your frames, your optometrist must ensure that the weight of the glasses is distributed evenly. If not, they can sit on your face and cause discomfort.
• The frames are too big. Depending on the shape of your face and the sensitivity of your skin, some frames can put more tension around their place. The weight of heavier frames causes stress on your nose bridge, which then creates uncomfortable characters.

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Short-Term Fixes

Although these brands are boring, there are different ways to relieve discomfort. Certain short -term fixes for lenses of glasses that leave traces on your skin are:

Massage your nose

If the nose cushions of your glasses leave traces on your skin and you do not adjust the bridge yourself manually, the mass of the irritated place can help reduce the discomfort.
You can then also use a soft moisturizing cream on the affected area – the skin around your eyes is sensitive, so something escaped and approved by the dermatologist is your best gamble. Keeping your skin healthy and hydrated can also help reduce discomfort in the future.

Wearing Preventative Measures

The best permanent solution would be to make an appointment with your optometrist to discuss the possible causes of your discomfort. This conversation can lead to adjusting your frames or getting new glasses. As you get older, your body will gradually change and the glasses that suits you five years ago may not be the best pair now.

Adjusting the Pads

The standard nose blocks that come to your frames may not be the right one for your face. If they leave traces on the deck of your nose, you can exchange optician for a different set.
Larger nose pads can help to distribute the weight more uniform, and the basin in milder materials (such as silicone) can help reduce the chances of irritation.

Adjusting the Frames

Sometimes the reason behind the glasses that markings leave on your nose is just an inaccurate adjustment.
If your glasses are too tight, the widening of the nose bridge or the adjustment of the arms can relieve the pain and soften the pressure that the frames put on your skin. It is not recommended to make these adjustments yourself – your optician has the right tool for adjusting your frames if necessary without fear of damaging your glasses.

Replacement of frames

If everything else fails, it can be time for a new series of managers. The overly heavy glasses will leave the brands most faithfully.
You could consider investing in a slender or borderless oscillation glass – their elegant design means that there is less weight on your nose bridge, which is therefore avoided by being crushed with the stamps. Or, if you are a thicker glasses fan, a solid frame can be more comfortable because it distributes the weight uniform instead of concentrating in a single place.

3 Tips to Reduce the Chances of Nose Marks

Although you are looking for a solution for your glasses, there are some prevention options.

Keep your face clean

Wash your face and glasses regularly can help you a lot. Oil, make -up and dust can accumulate on your glasses and cause irritation -Pre -album to such irritating substances can determine contact points between your skin and your glasses, become uncomfortable much faster.

Switching Glasses}

If you have extra glasses nearby, it might be good to run regularly. The exchange between those who have nose cushions and those who have a solid frame can give your skin a certain breathing window. Moreover, the removal of your completely high humidity helps to prevent the formation of nasperken.

Use a moisturizing cream

Just like other parts of your skin, your nose also needs care. The use of a moisturizing cream prevents your skin from drying and developing these annoying red spots.


It can be difficult to avoid the nose markings of the glasses when you depend on your goals. Fortunately, these tips are a great way to relieve damage and even prevent it from happening in the first place. By practicing good skin care and knowing exactly the adjustment of your face, you can say goodbye to uncomfortable characters that your frames have left behind.
If you want help to find the perfect pair of glasses, make an appointment with real eye experts; Experts in the delivery of eye care that is most suitable for your needs.