Foods and drinks you should not eat when you are tired or recovering from illness


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Foods and drinks you should not eat

When you feel tired, you tend to think about replenishing the lack of energy with meat or other solid foods. However, when you feel tired, your stomach is often tired. Stress and fatigue can make your stomach work harder. If you eat a heavy meal in such a state, it will encourage gastrointestinal fatigue. Let’s have correct knowledge not only about foods that are effective for fatigue recovery but also about foods that should be avoided when tired.

List of foods you should refrain from eating when you are tired or recovering from illness

When you feel tired, it is best to avoid the following foods that are likely to put a strain on your stomach and intestines.

When you feel tired, it is best to avoid the following foods that are likely to put a strain on your stomach and intestines. The following foods should be avoided when you are tired or after recovering from illness.

  • salty food
  • foods high in fiber
  • fatty food
  • spicy spices
  • Citrus fruits and highly acidic foods
  • Food that is too hot/food that is too cold

1. Salty food

I think that many people want to eat salty food when they are tired. If your body really craves salt, then it’s fine, but in the case of Japanese people, they prefer to eat dishes seasoned with salt, such as miso and soy sauce. You can never eat too little salt. It’s easy to put a burden on your stomach, so let’s refrain from eating too much.

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2. Foods high in dietary fiber

Dietary fiber is something you want to actively consume when you are in good physical condition, but many foods containing dietary fiber are physically hard, so you need to chew well before swallowing. However, when you are tired, it is often difficult to chew properly, and you tend to swallow before you have fully chewed. Furthermore, if you use it for cooking, cut it into small pieces and cook it, or boil it until it becomes soft.

3. Fatty foods

Fatty foods work by reducing the production of stomach acid. Also, since it stays in the stomach for a long time, the burden on the stomach increases. I think some people think, “I’m tired, so yakiniku…”, but I recommend yakiniku when your physical strength is recovering a little more than when your fatigue level is MAX. Choose foods that are easy to digest when you feel very tired.

4. Pungent spices

Spices such as pepper and wasabi stimulate the stomach and promote the secretion of stomach acid. Stomach acid plays an important role in digestion, but if it is too much, it can digest the stomach wall and cause stomach ulcers. When you’re tired, choose foods that don’t contain a lot of harsh spices.

5. Citrus fruits and highly acidic foods

Acidity also stimulates the secretion of gastric acid. Like spices, it is a food that you want to avoid when you are tired. Be careful not to eat too much of summer oranges, citrus fruits with a strong acidity such as lemons, vinegared ones, and pickled plums. However, even if you are in poor physical condition, the citric acid contained in these is useful when you have a slight cold. It’s difficult to judge whether you’re tired or have a cold, but if you can judge well, you’ll recover quickly.

6. Food that is too hot or too cold

Anything that is too hot or too cold can be irritating. When you’re tired, let’s eat after making it the right temperature as much as possible.

List of drinks and luxury goods that you should refrain from when you are tired

There are some drinks that you should avoid when you are tired or recovering from illness. Be especially careful with the following drinks.

  • Coffee, tea, matcha, nutritional drinks, etc.
  • alcohol
  • soda drink

Coffee, tea, matcha, nutritional drinks, etc.

The caffeine in coffee stimulates the secretion of stomach acid. That’s why I prefer coffee after meals. However, when the stomach is weak, the secretion of gastric acid should be minimized. Of course, it also has a drowsy effect, so I want to think about the balance, but there are other caffeine-rich foods such as black tea, matcha, and cocoa. Some energy drinks also contain a lot of caffeine, so you should be careful if you feel extremely tired rather than lightly drowsy.


This medicine increases gastric acid secretion and damages the gastric mucosa. In addition, the quality of sleep is also reduced, so you will be tired until the next morning. A small amount of other foods is OK, but alcohol is absolutely contraindicated. It is not recommended to drink when you are tired. Enjoy yourself when you are feeling well.

soda drink

At the same time as promoting the secretion of gastric acid, carbon dioxide expands the stomach, making ulcers more likely to occur. Many people like the fizzy feeling, but try to refrain from doing it when you’re tired.

What foods and drinks do you recommend when you’re tired or recovering from illness?

So far, we have introduced foods and drinks that you should not eat when you are tired or after recovering from illness. From here, we will introduce recommended foods and drinks that you should eat when you are tired or recovering from illness.

The following two types of food and drink are recommended when you are tired or recovering from illness.

  • Sweet stuff
  • good for digestion

“One sweet” is effective when you are tired or recovering from illness

“I’m tired, but the deadline for work is approaching. I want to do something about this within three hours!” In this way, when you want to get rid of fatigue and get some energy, even if it’s just for a moment, it’s recommended to eat just one piece of sweets. More than 99% of the brain’s energy source is sugar, so sugar, which can shortcut the digestive process, is suitable as a camphor agent. 

However, this method is a way to give power only for a moment by rapidly increasing blood sugar level. As the burden on the body is heavy, please understand that it is a last resort and not used very often.

Also, in the case of people who are deficient in vitamin B1 in their normal diet, the camphor effect of this sugar is weakened. It is important to try to eat a well-balanced diet on a daily basis.

Eat “easy-to-digest foods” when you’re tired or recovering from illness!

So far, I have explained the foods that you shouldn’t eat when you are tired.

Again, it is better to avoid alcohol when you are tired because it has the opposite effect on recovery from fatigue, but unlike medicines, small amounts of other foods and drinks do not have a major adverse effect. It is important to eat just the right amount while considering your physical condition.

And if you want to recover from fatigue quickly, it would be best to choose foods that are easy to digest as much as possible and take a rest early.

Also, check the cause of fatigue and how to deal with it, and try to live a life that is less likely to get tired.

Frequently asked questions about meals when tired or recovering from illness

Q. Do you have any recommendations for food to eat when my child is sick?

A. Recommended foods for children when they are recovering from illness are udon, porridge, and potatoes. It’s a good idea to start with soft boiled foods that are high in sugar. I think tofu or eggs are easy to eat as a protein source. Chawanmushi may be easy to eat. It is also recommended to mash apples and feed them. Apples are especially good if you have diarrhea. Feed your child little by little while observing the child’s condition.

A. The response will change depending on whether or not you have been able to eat. If you are unable to eat for a day or two due to a stomach ulcer or high fever, you need to start by moving your stomach. If you hurry, recovery will be delayed, so be careful not to eat too much all of a sudden, and start eating easily digestible foods such as porridge or udon noodles. When you’ve been able to eat as usual but are too busy and tired, how about some gourmet food as a reward? I think it’s a good idea to enjoy eel, yakiniku, and sushi while keeping your wallet in check.