In order to improve your conversation skills, it is essential to hone your “response skills”!


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In order to improve your conversation skills

 I can talk about clerical matters, but I’m not good at joining a group of people or chatting… For such a person to improve their conversational ability, it is a shortcut to hold down the basics of “response ability”. Let’s practice responding in your own words when you are asked a question about a light topic!

To improve your conversational skills, answer questions on light topics in your own words

As you get older, you will have more opportunities to interact with a variety of people, and you will also have more opportunities to exchange light topics other than business matters. There are many people who are not good at light topics, but it is important to get used to them without avoiding them in order to improve your conversation skills.

Many people will feel that it is a very high hurdle to shake a light topic from themselves. You don’t have to overdo it and shake the topic.

Rather, what I want to cherish is to respond firmly when spoken to . If you can do this, your conversational skills will definitely improve.

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How would you answer the question, “You are early (than usual) this morning”? 

For example, when you go to work, how do you respond when someone says, “You are early (than usual) this morning?” “Well, wait a minute…” “Oh, yes…”

If you end a conversation with a dragonfly, the conversation will not progress any further . When asked why you came to work early, answer in your own words. If you can do this, your speaking skills will improve significantly.

There must be a reason why you left work early. For example, “I woke up half an hour earlier than usual” or “I have work to finish in the morning.” It is to convey it in one sentence (without roundabout) so that it can be conveyed to the other party.

The first step to improve your conversation skills! 3 “response” training

It is important to answer any question in your own words.I will give you an example, so please try to come up with your own answer in one sentence. There is no “correct” answer. Think freely and tweet out loud.

1. Response to
“weather question” “Weather question” is the royal road of conversations. Let’s tweet your own response, such as the weather forecast you saw this morning, worry about laundry, etc.

  • “The weather is nice today.” →
  • “Today’s weather is not so good.” →
  • “I wonder what the weather will be like today” →

2. Responding to “appearance questions”
“Appearance topics” such as hairstyles and clothes are also the royal road of conversation. How would you respond to questions such as:

  • “Today’s clothes are fashionable.” →
  • “You cut your hair” →
  • “Today’s impression is a little different, isn’t it?” →

3. Responding to “Private Questions”
Relationships are strengthened by exchanging private topics. Think about your response to the following questions and tweet about it.

  • 「Where do you live?」→
  • 「Where are you going on the weekend?」→
  • “The souvenir from the other day was delicious” →
  • “How is your child doing?”→
  • “○○ is a hobby (detailed, skillful)” →

Practice answering questions like the ones above and prepare a response pattern to help you get used to lighter topics.

You don’t have to respond with the intention of getting it like a talent. If you get used to the habit of honestly answering your own experiences and impressions on everyday topics, your conversational skills will improve.