Essential Nutrients and Ingredients That Are Not


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Essential Nutrients and Ingredients That Are Not

There are countless types of supplements and health foods in the world. It’s really hard to choose the one that really works for you. Therefore, the first article that I will write is the “basic key to choosing supplements”, which are the most important points for choosing supplements, “5 major nutrients that are absolutely necessary for humans” and “ingredients that can be omitted”. I would like to explain about.

Essential Substances and Essential Nutrients for Human Life

Unlike plants, we humans cannot produce all the substances we need to live through photosynthesis. Substances necessary to support life must be taken in from the surroundings as food.

These “substances that must be eaten” are called “essential nutrients” and are divided into five groups according to their function: “protein”, “lipid”, “sugar (carbohydrate)”, “vitamin” and “mineral”. called nutrients. That’s what I learned in home economics when I was a student.

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It is the main component that makes up the human body. Our muscles and organs are mostly made of protein. “Collagen” and “enzymes”, which are often talked about as supplement materials, are also types of proteins.
It can be said that it is the first substance that must be eaten because it is a material of the body and is in charge of promoting the metabolism (chemical reaction to live) that occurs in the body.


It may be a problem for girls who are enthusiastic about dieting, but lipids are also important nutrients. In addition to their well-known function of storing energy, lipids also make up cell membranes. It is also a raw material for substances (such as hormones and cytokines) that switch on various functions of the body. In fact, many lipids can be synthesized from glucose in the body, but some fatty acids cannot be produced. Therefore, it must still be consumed as food.

sugar (carbohydrate)

Popular pancakes are mainly carbohydrates and fats. If you combine it with meat and eggs, you can also get protein.Substances that provide energy for the body, such as starch and sugar. Glucose, in particular, is an important source of energy, as well as a raw material for lipids and amino acids in the body. However, since our body can synthesize glucose from amino acids, strictly speaking, it may not be an essential nutrient.

In modern Japan, there are many people who are suffering from diabetes and other illnesses due to excessive intake of carbohydrates and lack of exercise, so “sugar-restricted diets” are also attracting attention.


Organic substances (organic substances are molecules composed mainly of carbon) that act as assistants to “enzymes” that support various chemical reactions that take place in the body.
Currently, there are 13 known vitamins, including 8 water-soluble B vitamins, vitamin C, fat-soluble vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K.

Compared to proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates, the required amount of vitamins is much smaller. In most cases, a few milligrams of vitamins are sufficient per day, but a deficiency can cause various problems. Since the required amount is small, there is no need to worry about a deficiency if you have a good diet, but if you have an unbalanced diet or have many opportunities to eat processed foods or eat out, there is a high possibility that you will be deficient. You should be careful.


Fresh vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals.The four main elements that make up the body are “carbon”, “oxygen”, “hydrogen” and “nitrogen”. In addition to these major elements, there are many elements that the human body needs and are called “minerals.” “Calcium” “Phosphorus” “Sulfur” “Sodium” “Magnesium” “Potassium” “Manganese” “Iron” “Cobalt” “Copper” “Zinc” “Molybdenum” “Chlorine” “Iodine” “Selenium”.

It is well known that calcium is the material for bones, and iron is contained in red blood cells and helps transport oxygen, but other than that, minerals, like vitamins, are essential for chemical reactions in the body. I am in charge of the work that should not be done.

(extra) dietary fiber

In addition to these five major nutrients, dietary fiber has recently been attracting attention. It used to be of little importance because it cannot be broken down by human digestive enzymes and is not absorbed. However, in recent years, various roles such as regulating bowel movements and improving intestinal bacteria are becoming clear, and it is recommended to take enough.

Take a Breath Before Buying Supplements

So far, we have briefly introduced the nutrients that our bodies need to consume. Supplements and health foods that contain new ingredients that are not included in these are sold with various attractive effects, but in the extreme, even if we do not take substances other than essential nutrients for the rest of our lives, There is nothing wrong with staying healthy.

On the other hand, if there is a deficiency in any one of the essential nutrients, the body will not function smoothly, and in the worst case, it will lead to illness and even death.

Before jumping into a supplement with an appealing catchphrase, I think you can avoid unnecessary shopping if you take a breath and think about whether the nutritional ingredients you need to live are well-balanced. increase.