Economic loss due to insomnia is 3 trillion yen?


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Economic loss due to insomnia is 3 trillion yen

The average sleeping time of Japanese people is 7 hours and 15 minutes, and it has decreased by 1 hour in 50 years. Insomnia is said to cause an economic loss of 3 trillion yen per year. Acquire the correct knowledge and practice it little by little from what you can do.

Do you really know your sleep power?

I fall asleep within 15 minutes of going to bed, sleep soundly through the night, and wake up a little in the middle of the night about once a night. If you wake up feeling refreshed in the morning and have completely removed the fatigue from the previous day, you are getting a good quality sleep.

The average sleep time of Japanese people is 7 hours and 15 minutes …… Decreased by 1 hour in 50 years

On the other hand, due to changes in lifestyles and increased stress, sleep time is being reduced little by little. According to the National Time Use Survey conducted in 2015, the average sleep time of all Japanese people was 7 hours and 15 minutes on weekdays, 7 hours and 42 minutes on Saturdays, and 8 hours and 3 minutes on Sundays. Over the past 50 years, Japan has lost one hour of sleep.

In addition, along with the change in sleep time, the number of people who cannot sleep or feel very sleepy during the day is increasing. A nationwide survey of adults found that 21% of adults suffered from insomnia. In addition, 15% of people felt very sleepy during the day.

For those who say, “I haven’t been able to sleep well lately,” but also for those who want to get better sleep than now, please keep the basic knowledge of sleep and good sleep firmly in mind and spend a pleasant day.

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The economic loss of insomnia is 3 trillion yen a year!? Knowledge to learn for good sleep

If you understand the mechanism of sleep properly and create a sleep pattern that suits you, the quality of your daily life will improve. Furthermore, the economic loss caused by insomnia is said to be about 3 trillion yen per year in Japan as a whole. If you think that 30,000 yen per person will be returned every year, it should never be a waste to learn about the mechanism of sleep and know the tips for good sleep.