Characteristics of people who easily get tired of socializing


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tired of socializing

Are you tired of human relationships? Human relationships are stressful. If you feel tired or tired of relationships with colleagues, friends, or at work, reconsider how you interact with people and how you keep your distance. Here are four tips to help you build your interpersonal skills and get along well without getting tired.

If you get tired of “human relationships” that are both fun and stressful…

If you enjoy socializing with people close to you and build good relationships, life will be bright and enjoyable. However, while human relationships bring good stimulation and a sense of security, they also tend to cause negative emotions associated with concern and misunderstandings.

If you continue to socialize with inertia while carrying such stress, fatigue will accumulate. Also, if you are not careful, you may end up in various troubles, such as being dependent on others, infringing on your privacy, being used to your advantage, or being misunderstood and being criticized.

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Difficulty in human relationships……Characteristics of people who get tired easily

Relationship fatigue people have several characteristics. For example, do you have the following concerns?

  • Be considerate of others and often refrain from spontaneous remarks and actions
  • I often speculate in the wrong direction, “Isn’t that what that person thinks of me?”
  • I often look behind the words, and often judge the other person’s feelings based on their emotions at the time.
  • Relieves stress against a specific person by gossiping or swearing

In this way, people who are overly concerned about others, who assume the other person’s feelings in the wrong direction, or who are unable to honestly express their thoughts are more likely to experience stress in their relationships.

Easiness to get tired of human relationships is also related to “interpersonal relationship strength”

By the way, if you are aware of the pattern above, don’t you always keep in contact with the same people, such as old friends and family?

Even if you feel safe now, the relationship will change as you age. Therefore, if you only cling to a certain relationship, you will grow anxious that you will eventually lose that relationship. Also, if you don’t actively build relationships by repeatedly meeting new people, your interpersonal skills will steadily decline.

Therefore, in order to fundamentally solve the problem of “easiness to get tired of human relationships,” it is necessary to develop “interpersonal relationship skills” while interacting with a variety of people, without being content with a fixed set of human relationships. . I would like to make four specific points.

4 points to solve “easy to get tired of human relationships”

For those who get tired easily in relationships, let’s be conscious of the following four points.

1. Socialize with a diverse range of people while keeping a reasonable distance

Relationships with old acquaintances are certainly reassuring. However, the closer they get to each other, the easier it is for them to become dependent on each other, and they tend to lose their reserve. As a result, we end up saying hurtful words, carelessly breaking promises, and casually intruding on each other’s privacy.

In this way, if you continue to have a close relationship with only a limited number of people, conflicts and friction will easily occur in that relationship. As a result, unpleasant feelings for each other grow, and trust can suddenly collapse.

Therefore, it is important to interact with a wide variety of people while maintaining an appropriate sense of distance and tension, rather than sticking to deep relationships with a certain number of people.

2. Take on some kind of “facilitator”

To improve your interpersonal skills, try being some kind of facilitator. In familiar places, I think that it is easy to take on roles such as the secretary of social gatherings, the officers of local activities, and the PTA officers. If you experience such a facilitator, you can come into contact with various images of people and strengthen your interpersonal skills.

However, if one person continues to act as a facilitator, the people around them tend to take a passive or bystander attitude, which may hinder the members’ awareness of participating in activities. Therefore, instead of taking on the same caretaker role over and over again, we should take the responsibility of handing over the baton to the next person. It is recommended to have one.

3. Always have a reason to distance yourself from the relationship

Human relationships are both fun and suffocating. If you’re feeling stressed about a certain amount of socializing, take some time off.

For that reason, it is also important to prepare an “excuse” or “escape” that does not hurt the other party. If you think about some reasons why you can’t stand up, such as “I’m going to be busy with work on holidays for the time being”, “It’s time to take care of children-related errands”, and “I started going to ○○’s school on weekends”. Good.

For that reason, it is recommended to have multiple fields (third places) for activities such as hobbies, entertainment, and study. The third place is explained in detail in the following article.

4. Invite people when you feel like it

You can’t train your interpersonal skills just by waiting to be invited. Try to actively “invite” yourself. At that time, instead of always getting together with the same members, let’s have the opportunity to interact with various members such as “2-3 people with different faces” or “5 or more people this time”.

It may be a hassle at first, but once you get used to it, you will find it easier to invite people than to wait. If you invite people yourself, the scope of your relationship will naturally expand.

By all means, why not use these points as hints and aim to gradually graduate from “myself who is easily tired of relationships”?

Frequently asked questions about relationship fatigue

Q. Do you have any recommended books to read when you’re tired of human relationships?

A. One of the books I recommend reading when you’re tired of human relationships is the novel Yume wo Kanaru Zou. In this book, you can learn how to think necessary to live with an axis and how to live without worrying about it. In addition, the structure of the story is also unique, and you can enjoy the fantasy world view of the cheerful elephant god who encourages the hero who tends to be timid. If you’re tired of relationships, read this book and soak in the best ideas to focus on your life.

Q. What should I do when I get tired of my relationships at work?

A. For those who are tired of relationships at work, I would like to recommend having an environment outside the workplace where they can concentrate. If you’re exhausted by your relationships at work, it could be that work-related stress is taking up too much weight in your mind. Having a place to relax outside of work will give you a sense of leeway and help you get over any unpleasant surprises.