Different Kinds Of Snot And What To Do About Them


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Different Kinds Of Snot

Different Kinds Of Snot And What To Do About Them

If you are like most people, you probably don’t like to blow a bunch of fibrous “snot” in a fabric. Although it can be boring that you feel a mucus factory when you are sick or suffer from allergies, it is an essential element of the human body. He can also tell you a lot about what is happening in your body. The appearance of your morve can indicate things such as allergies, a cold, the flu, a sinus infection or sinusitis. So it is important to open this substance and take a look if you don’t feel well.

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Mucus Serves Many Essential Functions In The Body

No, slime is not there to make you miserable when you have a cold. Did you know that your body produces it about 1 to 1.5 l per day, even if you are in good health? The majority of this mucus is swallowed and dissolves in your stomach, so you never see it. Behind the scenes, however, mucus helps to keep your body moving. It leads the fabrics with your mouth, your nose, your throat, your sinuses and your digestive tract. This keeps them moist and acts as a protective layer. Slime mucus has also imprisoned unwanted visitors to enter your body as bacteria and dust. When it grabs these foreign invaders, mucus has antibodies that help the body to kill them. So, even if you blame your mucus to make you miserable if you have flu or a sinus infection, it actually helps you to keep you healthy.

Snot tells you a lot

As we said, the Morve can tell you a lot about what is happening in your body. This can be a sign of common diseases such as colds and flu or the most serious as a sinus
Or fungal infection. There are six common colors that the snot can take in particular: light, white, green / yellow, red / pink, brown / orange and black. Mucus can change color for various reasons, but every color tells a story about what is happening in your body. Moreover, the viscosity – or the thickness – of your slime can also tell you a lot.

What do the colors of the mean?

Here is a basic ventilation of what the different colors of mucus mean:
Clear: if your morve is clear, it’s a good thing. Clear mucus is considered “normal” or healthy. However, if you experience a large amount of clear nose drainage, this can be a sign of allergic rhinitis. It is the form of allergies that most people suffer from them. You could be activated by pollen, dust, animal fur or other irritating substances.
White: White mucus differs from clear mucus when it is cloudy and more combined than normal. This often indicates a cold. The white morve is caused by losing morve its water content, making it thick and cloudy. You can also experience a sore throat, congestion, a cough or a low fever.
Yellow / green: The Morve Yellow is a good sign if you have felt disease symptoms. This means that your immune system takes revenge. The yellow color is caused by white blood cells that come together to kill intruders. Once they are ready, they are thrown into your morve and turn in a yellow / brown color. If your morve turns green, this means that your immune system works very hard to combat infection. This is often accompanied by the morve that gets very thick. This can be a sign of a sinus infection or a more serious bacterial infection.
Rose / red: The Morve Pink or Red usually points to a kind of nose injury or trauma. Morve can be tinted red or pink blood. This can happen because of a stroke or because you blow it overly, drives it and bleeds.

Brun / Orange: The brown-orange morve can be caused by an old blood that leaves the body and often follows the pink / red morve. It can also be caused by something that you have inhaled that decolor mucus, such as dirty.
Black: Black Snot almost always points to a kind of fungal infection. It is not common, but must be seriously considered and confirmed by a doctor. Black Morve can also appear in people who abuse illegal drugs or smoke a lot.

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